Whiskey Cavalier season 1, episode 9 recap: Hearts & Minds


Whiskey Cavalier gives fans a slight panic attack when Will finds himself in a world of trouble–but don’t worry, Team Whiskey to the rescue!

Whiskey Cavalier continues to shine as a series and bring fans into the heart of all their  ridiculous drama. In Wednesday’s episode, “Hearts & Minds”, the team faces a target named Ethan McElroy. Unlike other targets, McElroy was perhaps their easiest one to find and capture, although their covers are nearly blown in the process.

It turns out that McElroy has a bad heart and has been in contact with a group that specializes in harvesting organs. No one knows what he looks like so it was easy for Team Whiskey to infiltrate, and while they succeed, it’s a close call when they realize McElroy’s old bodyguard was at the meeting as well.

Before the guard could say anything, Will shoots him from a distance and saves everyone before things take a bad turn. However, in the process, he ends up getting captured himself.

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No, not Will! This doesn’t bode well for Team Whiskey because Will is the glue that holds them together. It might have taken his kidnapping to make them realize that, but hey, sooner better than later.

The person most affected by his kidnapping is Frankie, which low-key makes me happy because she definitely has the feels. Full of rage and anger, Frankie starts doing training sessions with Edgar.

It’s clear that she’s pretty heated up, and if you don’t believe it then just see how she kicks Edgar’s ass. Susan comes to the rescue, however, and whips Frankie into shape and gets her head into the game.

Meanwhile, it’s funny to watch Will try and break Jai down, who is allergic to committing to any sort of relationship. He’s closed off, but Will intends to break the walls down. After Will is kidnapped, his communication device is still working and is able to talk to the team. The group uses this to track Will down but it’s hilarious that it’s also what Will uses to annoy the crap out of Jai.

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Pretending to be bodyguards again, the group gets into the facility and saves Will. Before Will is saved, he has to work himself out of a paralyzed state before reaching Edgar and Frankie. Team Whiskey Cavalier for the win!

After an entire episode of Will irritating Jai, Jai gets revenge by hacking into Will’s devices at three in the morning. He won’t stop talking through his speakers and forces Will to listen to his entire life story. That’s what you get, Will!

Whiskey Cavalier airs every Wednesday at 10 PM EST!