Hanna season 1, episode 4 recap: Father


While Erik bargains with Marissa for safe passage out of the country to start a normal life with Hanna, Hanna discovers the truth about her parents and who Erik really is.

Dieter takes Hanna to his home for safety while Erik carries out the mission. While the local authorities search the city for Erik, Jacobs searches for the missing Marissa. She calls him and tell him that she has Erik and to meet her at a cafe in one hour. When he arrives she calls and says that she can see him, tells him to leave and get back in the car where she’ll join him. Of course, she’s not actually there, she’s being kept in a secure location. When Jacobs gets back into the car he discovers that his driver is dead. He is then held at gunpoint by Erik, who was hiding in the backseat. Erik wants to know everything about Marissa.

Erik returns to the secret location where he is holding Marissa and subtly threatens her new family unless she helps him and Hanna disappear. All he wants is a normal life for himself and Hanna. She promises she will help him, but just to make sure she knows that Erik is serious, he brings Jacobs into the room and kills him in front of her.

Hanna spends time with Dieter and his family, once again witnessing what a normal family life is like without quite being part of it. Dieter is in trouble with his wife for getting involved with Erik, but they still do their best to take care of Hanna. When Dieter goes out to see Erik, Hanna sneaks into his car and rides along to find out what’s going on. She hears some vague conversation between Erik and Marissa about how Hanna doesn’t know who he really is. As she sneaks closer she makes some noise that attracts Erik’s attention and she runs to avoid detection. In the end, she leaves traces behind that tell him that she was there.

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The next morning Marissa calls Carl to meet her at a cafe. As Marissa is closely watched by Erik and his team, she makes arrangements with Carl for transportation out of the country and for the warrant for Erik’s arrest to be withdrawn. While she makes up some story about national security to explain the situation, as she leaves the cafe she pointedly tells Carl that he can have the rest of her coffee.

It seems to be some kind of signal to him that something is wrong. When he gets back to the office, his staff are gone and a man named Jerome Sawyer has been sent by the deputy director to take over the operation and clean things up. He believes that Erik is actually the one holding Marissa and plans to set up a trap to take him down.

The next morning Hanna distracts Dieter so she can look at some documents that he got from Erik. It is Hanna’s birth certificate, which lists her father as unknown, and a contract that lists Erik Heller as a recruitment officer. Hanna realizes that Erik is not her biological father after all. And while he may not be her biological father, he did risk his life for her and for her mother’s sake to save her from the Utrax facility. And while Marissa sees Erik as being complicit in Johanna’s death because of that recklessness, everything he did was out of love.

After Erik stole Hanna from Utrax, orders came down to shut the whole program down. Of course, there were other children at that facility whose existence were a liability. Marissa was ordered to kill the children and burn the bodies, which clearly haunts her every day. She came after Erik and Hanna because she had promised powerful people that they were dead and that the situation had been handled.

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Marissa is told the plane is ready, so Erik and Hanna meet up and they drive to the airfield together. Rudi is left behind to kill Marissa, but Sawyer saves her at the last second. At the airfield, Hanna confronts Erik about her birth certificate. She refuses to get on the plane with him and runs off. Meanwhile, soldiers come swarming out of the plane. Erik escapes the trap with Elsa and Dieter’s help, but not without suffering several gunshot wounds. Hanna was already far ahead when the trap was sprung. There’s nothing she can do to help, so she escapes on her own into the night.