Hanna season 1, episode 5 recap: Town


As Hanna hides out and struggles with her feelings about Erik’s secret, Marissa goes rogue to find her as Sawyer closes in on Erik.

A depressed and confused Hanna is secretly living with Sophie and hiding out in her parent’s camper van. She kind of mopes around and refuses to anything but candy bars. Meanwhile, Erik has survived his wounds, but he can’t go to the hospital and a deeply lodged bullet is causing damage and infection. A friend comes to help but can’t remove the bullet without hospital equipment. The best he can do is clean the wound.

Marissa is being sidelined by Utrax, forced to take time off and seek psychiatric help for the aftermath of her abduction by Erik Heller. She refuses to be portrayed as mentally unstable, maintaining that she is Utrax’s best chance of finding Erik and Hanna. Sawyer sites Marissa’s mental health issues after killing the Utrax children as proof of her instability, saying that it would mess up anyone, but it must have been especially hard for a woman. She understandably does not appreciate his gender stereotyping.

She sees the therapist as ordered and says that she just wants to be put back on the job for which she is clearly the person best qualified to obtain the agency’s goals. Seems reasonable enough. She says there are worse things than dying, and that’s killing – specifically all those innocent Utrax children. She returns home to her boyfriend and he notices the sores on her wrists from her binding. She claims its nothing and he knows that she can’t tell him. Meanwhile, Marissa struggles with some residual PTSD from her Utrax history.

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Hanna and Sophie sneak out to a friend’s party. Hanna meets a boy there, but he turns out to be Anton, the boy that Sophie likes. But now she’s been seen out in public and Marissa finds her in the background of some Instagram photos from the party. That’s all it takes. She leaves for England to find Hanna on her own.

Sawyer finds surveillance footage of Dieter driving in the parking garage during Erik’s siege of the hotel and he decides to interrogate him. He shows up at Dieter’s job and asks if he’s seen or heard from Erik, which Dieter of course denies. Sawyer then threatens Dieter’s family and he has no choice but to reveal Erik’s whereabouts. They take Erik captive and kill Elsa.

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Sophie gets grounded and continues to fight with her parents. Eventually, she decides enough is enough and takes the camper van to the forest with Hanna, Anton, and her friend Dan. They have a few drinks, smoke a bit, and have a good time. Sophie gets stupid drunk and passes out in the van with Dan. Hanna and Anton stay out by the fire and end up having sex.