Hanna season 1, episode 6 recap: Mother


Led to believe that Erik is dead and that she’s a threat to those around her, Hanna agrees to go with Marissa to find out the truth about her past.

Sawyer holds Erik in a secret facility and tortures him to find out where Hanna is. He doesn’t know, not that he would tell him anyway. He riles Sawyer up by telling him that he used to work for Utrax just like Sawyer does and that one day he’ll end up just like Erik – hunted, abandoned, and alone.

When Hanna and the gang get back from the forest, Sophie finds out that Hanna had sex with Anton and things start falling apart. Sophie feels betrayed and asks Hanna to leave, but that doesn’t keep her from covering for Hanna when Marissa shows up claiming to be her mother. Sophie’s brother finds her in the garage and says that her mother is at the house.

When Hanna goes to investigate, she can see Marissa talking to Sophie and her parents. Hanna takes Sophie’s brother’s phone and runs away, telling him not to tell anyone he’s seen her. It doesn’t take much pressure from Marissa to make him talk though. And when Hanna texts Sophie warning her about Marissa, she is lured into a meeting with Marissa thinking that she’s meeting with Sophie.

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Marissa tells her that Erik is dead, which for all she knows he is. She promises to tell her the truth about everything if she agrees to come with her and that Sophie and her family will be safe. Hanna agrees, believing that she has no one else to turn to. Marissa calls Sawyer and makes a deal to trade Hanna for full authority over the operation and security clearance to know everything that’s going on.

With Hanna in custody, there’s no reason to keep Erik alive anymore, so Sawyer gives the order to kill him. Despite his weakened state and wounds, Erik has no problem taking out his assassins and escaping the facility. He is able to access some secret files and finds out that the Utrax program was rebooted right after his escape with her. He also finds profiles of several young women who are trainees of the new program.

Hanna and Marissa stop to say goodbye to Sophie in order to keep up appearances. Dan, who found Hanna’s birth certificate in the camper van, showed it to Sophie, who now doubts that Marissa is Hanna’s mother. She is able to talk to her privately, asking if Marissa is her mother and if she should let her go with her. Hanna thinks that keeping Sophie in the dark is probably the safest, so she lies and leaves with Marissa. Points to Sophie for trying to help.

Despite Dieter’s earlier betrayal, Erik goes to him for help. He gives Erik money and drives him to the airport. He says sorry for betraying him, but he had no choice when they threatened his kids. Erik understands.

Meanwhile, Marissa begins to bond with Hanna as they stay the night at a hotel and wait for extraction. Hanna is her responsibility, after all, in more ways than one. She told Hanna she would protect her, which Hanna reminds her of fairly often, but once she hands her over to Utrax she will have no power to do that. And if there’s anyone that she needs protection from, it’s Utrax. While getting breakfast, she hears Erik call her name. He wasn’t kidding when he said she can always hear him. Her super hearing is especially attuned to hear him and all he has to do is whisper from somewhere in the building and she knows he’s there. She returns to her table with Marissa and starts to look at her with suspicion, questioning her about Erik’s death.

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On their way out of the hotel, Erik intercepts them in the elevator. Since the elevator is filled with civilians, he is able to make up an excuse to take Hanna and Marissa can’t do anything about it. Meanwhile, Sawyer is pulling up to the hotel with a bunch of armed guards. How Erik got there before Sawyer when he left after him and took a commercial flight is astounding. As Marissa and Sawyer and his men search the hotel for Erik and Hanna, Erik sets off the fire alarm in a crowded auditorium and they are able to sneak out with the crowd. They steal Sawyer’s helicopter and fly away.

At the new Utrax facility, trainees practice their fighting skills as a lab-coated scientist observes from behind a window.