Shadowhunters season 3B, episode 20 recap: City of Glass


It’s all-out war in the latest Shadowhunters episode as Jonathan takes control of the Morning Star sword and attacks Alicante.

The Shadowhunters were unable to free Clary Fairchild from her brother Jonathan, who has now kidnapped the Seelie Queen. However, Isabelle Lightwood has successfully forged the Glorious sword using the Heavenly Fire serum. Unbeknownst to the team, Jordan Kyle stole the remaining Heavenly Fire in the hopes of curing Maia Roberts of her lycanthropy.

Meanwhile, Magnus Bane has fallen in with his father, the Prince of Hell Asmodeus, after Asmodeus demanded Alec Lightwood break up their relationship as a trade for restoring Magnus’ magic.

Magnus and Asmodeus

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Magnus may have accepted his father’s help, but that doesn’t mean all old wounds are healed. He still bristles at Asmodeus’ affection. Realizing that Magnus had to give up his beloved apartment, Asmodeus decides to get it back as a favor to his son. Magnus barges into his old apartment and Asmodeus turns current High Warlock of New York, Lorenzo Rey, into a gecko. That’s one way of getting an apartment. Asmodeus is a bad influence on Magnus.

Maryse Lightwood meets Magnus at his apartment to enquire about his break up with Alec. Earlier, Alec had returned the family ring to her, briefly mentioning the end of their relationship. Confused, she asks Magnus about what happened and how his magic was returned to him. Magnus puts two and two together and realizes he’s been played.

When Magnus confronts Asmodeus about his deal with Alec, his father reveals his true intentions. With Magnus by his side, Asmodeus will be more powerful than ever; together they can rule as kings in Edom. That is Magnus’ worst nightmare. He restrains his father in magical bonds and opens a portal. If Asmodeus enters a portal unconscious, he will be stuck in limbo forever. With a flick of his wrists, Magnus incapacitates his father and sends him away for good.

Heavenly Fire and the Praetors

Jordan and Maia are at the beach, debating the use of Heavenly Fire. Maia doesn’t want to go back to being mundane, partly because she will lose Jordan if she does. Trouble is, Jordan’s dying anyway. Following Heidi’s attack on the Jade Wolf pack in episode 13 of Shadowhunters, Jordan has silver poisoning. He doesn’t have much longer and wants Maia to live for both of them.

Luke Garroway was sprung from prison by the Praetors, and now he’s indebted to them. Somehow the Praetors have found out about Jordan being in possession of the Heavenly Fire and they want Luke to retrieve it for them. Though Simon Lewis would rather he and Luke try and save Clary, Luke can’t risk being sent back to jail. Luke finds Maia with the Heavenly Fire and promises to get rid of it for her. Maia returns to Jordan to find he has died. It’s time for Maia to accept her destiny as the new pack alpha.

The Ambush

Clary is a shadow of her former self now that Lilith’s twinning rune has possessed her. She’s violent and will stop at nothing to retrieve the Morning Star sword from the Seelies. While the twinning rune has brought the siblings closer, Clary does not yield to Jonathan’s incestuous obsession with his sister.

The Seelies are understandably upset about the kidnapping of their queen. They want to arrest Jace Wayland since he was with Clary and Jonathan when the queen was kidnapped, despite Jace’s insistence that he was undercover.

SHADOWHUNTERS – “City of Glass” – Alec, Jace and Isabelle make a plan to finally get Clary back and stop Jonathan-much to Luke’s and Simon’s chagrin. Meanwhile, an emotionally raw Magnus struggles to deal with his father’s reappearance and Maia must make a tough decision that could affect the rest of her life. This episode of “Shadowhunters” airs April 29 (8:00-9:01 p.m. EDT) on Freeform. (Freeform/John Medland)


When the Seelies hear about the ransom for their queen, Jace and Alec take the opportunity to tag along for an ambush on Jonathan and Clary. The Seelie Queen is returned to her people in lieu of the Morning Star sword. The moment Clary has the sword in her hands, Jace and Izzy arrive to tackle her and Jonathan. While Izzy holds her own with the Glorious sword, she is bested by Clary. When she’s on the ropes, Simon comes to Izzy’s aid, attempting to talk Clary down from being a ‘supervillain’.

Elsewhere Jace and Alec tag team to take Jonathan down. Alec prepares to kill Jonathan once Jace has stabbed Clary’s twinning rune, but the plan fails. Breaking the twinning rune makes Jonathan stronger; he manifests his dark angel wings and flies away in an attempt to massacre the Clave.

At least one part of the plan worked – Clary’s back to normal. As the Shadowhunters recuperate, the Glorious sword explodes. Knowing that it is particularly dangerous to Downworlders, Izzy veers Simon away from danger, getting hit with shrapnel in his stead.

The Attack on Alicante

Once the team reaches Alicante, Izzy is able to get most of the shrapnel out, and the rest Simon helps with. These two keep side-stepping their obvious feelings for each other, but it is evident how the showrunners want their arcs to end. All romance has to wait, however, since Jonathan tears down the demon towers and opens a rift to let flying demons into Alicante.

Alec and Izzy ask Helen Blackthorn and Jia Penhallow (Françoise Yip) to help them. While the ladies (who were interrupted during a clandestine tryst) run to get the canons ready, the two Lightwood siblings prepare to take down the demons. There’s too many of them, but help is at hand. Magnus demolishes the demons in one swell swoop.

"‘Sorry I’m late, traffic was hell’."

Jace and Clary find Jonathan, but Clary’s pleas fall on deaf ears. Jonathan knows that Clary will not reciprocate his feelings, so he destroys the Morning Star sword and disappears, leaving the rift open for demons to continue attacking Alicante.

Jace and Clary despair over their fate, but Magnus has an idea. After letting Alec know that he’s disposed of Asmodeus, Magnus explains that he can boost his power, but has to return to Edom to do so. Alec doesn’t want to let Magnus go, especially since he never got to propose to him.

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Magnus is always prepared though. He brought Alec’s ring with him and magics another ring so they can have an impromptu wedding. With a farewell kiss, Magnus portals to Edom, leaving Alec heart-broken.

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