Brockmire season 3, episode 5 recap: Clubhouse Cancer


Brockmire is trying to become a decent person this season. That’s going to be tough dealing with a new clubhouse cancer Charles added to the roster.

Jim Brockmire has been in his fair share of toxic relationships. If he is in a relationship, it’s toxic. At least that was the case when he was an alcoholic. Now that Brockmire has over a year sober, he faces a dilemma on how to deal with two different types of cancer.

Anyone with a decades-long career in sports will have seen their fair share of clubhouse cancer types. Most athletes know a clubhouse cancer when they see one, starting in the amateur divisions. Every citizen should know stabbing someone is felony assault. Brockmire was thrown a curve in both of those situations in this week’s episode and that wasn’t the even the worst of his week.

Cancer, actual cancer, is arguably the most damned thing that exists. Great men, and women, reduced to transparent skin draped over a skeleton that used to carry a hundred pounds more muscle. Seeing Matt ‘the Bat’ Hardesty (J.K. Simmons) in that hospital bed was gripping for very personal reasons, which I’m sure everyone who has lost someone to cancer understands.

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Brockmire showed how tough it can be seeing someone he respected go through chemotherapy and beyond. Matt even says he’s on the edge, looking, but does not know what he is looking at. Everyone knows it’s life’s end, it’s just best not to verbalize it.

The Reaper comes for all, yet best not to speak his name. Dying does not mean one must be depressed. Only adversaries can make their amends. All that in the past, that was just foreplay and nonsense. No more bluffing, in this poker game called life. Game recognize game. Brockmire also noticed a very attractive nurse, which led him to the hospital.

Once death is at the door, everyone shows their cards honestly, if they are a true friend. Brockmire has shown he has high regards for more friends than he’d admitted to in previous seasons. Maybe he will not spend the rest of his days held hostage by regrets, all alone.

Worst case scenario, he gets one of those Garfield comic anthologies. Nermal is as underrated a Garfield character as Brockmire is a television series.

Brockmire deserved more recognition for the greatest butt monologue of the current millennium. Perhaps this conversation weighing the merits of the position will show that Brockmire the show is a wonderful grounds for discussing the more controversial matters in the current PC culture. IFC should be commended for giving voice to both sides of the human circle of love and trust, as Charles phrased it.

Hardesty and Brockmire, old sage broadcaster they are, do not see the merits in the action. Then comes the kicker. Charles and Denise are getting down in public bathrooms. Like actually down on the floor, which is so nasty Brockmire says even Charles Bukowski would not dare write such a thing.

However, Brockmire did not think Denise would stab him either. Jim should not have assumed to know the level of crazy capable with this one. Once he found out, Brockmire had to give Charles thirty seconds of hard honesty about, oh go watch it on IFC On Demand, but PreNup, PreNup, PreNup.

Now that Charles is a millionaire, he should definitely sign a prenuptial agreement. Charles enjoys the sex more than anything. Denise is prone to knives. Any man understands risking a life for the best sex ever woman. No man should risk his money though. Money might get Casper’ed away like Sandy Duncan or a third world pimp.

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Brockmire took a metaphorical knife in the back when Jules starting dating George Brett. Now he has literally been stabbed. Sobriety has not been easy for Brockmire these last few weeks. Jim even prayed to some sort of deity. Will he make it through this season without taking a drink?

Even alcohol-free Brockmire has been a riot of raw comedic dialogue and wild plot twist. Then there is Mother Brockmire, who will be back with the Armenian mob at some point. With all of this extra life stuff happening around him in Spring Training, will Jim be able to hold it together long enough to earn the major league microphone?