Brockmire season 3, episode 4 recap: Banned for Life brings mother back to chat


Brockmire was just getting over The Yips. Now he has to deal with his mother, who abandoned him and his sister decades ago. Brockmire’s sobriety will be tested.

Norm is asexual. The arrangement with Jene has been atypical. When Brockmire bought her a new vagina rejuvenation, he gave her a new lease on life with Sam. A life that was spent mostly without a mother. It was unorthodox, but that has been the Brockmire preferred family method for decades. Jim and Jene’s mother Lorraine made that tough choice when Jim was 18.

Turns out, Brockmire did not go to college on a division one broadcasting scholarship. Those do not actually exist, which was news to Jene. A lot was news to Jene this episode, including the revelation that she had been left out all along. Jim and Lorraine had a loose relationship since college.

That moment of honesty without being pressured was a turning point for Jim, only he did not know it. It was a turning point for Jene too, a deal breaker actually. Hearing the truth firsthand was enough for her to see the light, and then rage. There will be some sleepless nights a home where snoring used to be the biggest deal breaker.

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Venturing to Central Florida was a deal breaker for Brockmire. In his estimation, it was nothing more than swamplands and Indian savagery left abandoned. Then Disney made it worse. However, it was once said that it “takes risk to find happiness.” At least Jene can still take same to bed.

Norm would be in the other twin bed, and for some reason that makes Brockmire smile. Jim is as happy visualizing this setup as he is regretful he cannot forget that dancing incident at a Steeley Dan concert. It was a failure in blackout regrets.

At least he has 14 months sober, right mom?

Mom working for Armenians now instead of the age discriminating sad sack Sputnik spy agency. Russian discrimination laws are a bit non-existent for an American woman probably running a social security scam, among others. One new scam, back by Armenians, shuffled through buffers by Lorraine, is betting on sports.

Legalized sports gambling throughout the country will be a boon to the bottom line if Brockmire can just provide a little exclusive access. However, there is one baseball rule Brockmire has always respected. Jim adhered to the axiom that the only thing you can’t do in baseball is bet on baseball.

Lying, cheating, stealing, violence, and drugs have all been allowed. It takes its toll burying the loser of a cockfight. Gambling on baseball, and consequently being banned from baseball, is a bit too much.

“Ah” Lorraine says. This is not gambling on Brockmire’s end. It is not extortion by her either, since Jim owes that favor. Mom is merely calling in a marker. There will be no legs broken. This is mere emotion violence, just family is all. No need to call a therapist about it.

“When you’re living a lie even the happy moments are sad, because deep down you know it’s bullshit.” That was Sam’s epiphany statement that struck Brockmire most. So Brockmire went to Disney world. It was like his Vietnam. Really it was the nice party in the staging grounds, the covert operation to butter up the victim, Jene.

Jene needed to know that Lorraine was a cutthroat mafia foot soldier, based out of Cincinnati apparently. Jim and Lorraine did not have a real relationship, she does not have a maternal bone in her body. They met at underground casinos and dog tracks.

There was never any reason to step foot in a Kinkos. Stuff like that can be done from a phone.

Everything matters. How Lorraine treated her kids is a big reason they turned out the way they did. Gene is soft, gullible, and does not see the angles. Brockmire is a tough bind of wires, built for the life above the soft normal types who just go with flows and obey laws.

So in a bit of a downer, Jene leaves the scene. She screams her final goodbyes. Siblings should not ghost each other. They never had that great of a relationship anyway, so on with the count and…


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Who told Brockmire to tell Jene? That is the main thing Charles wants to know. Brockmire is doing well, judging by the story he tells and his reasoning by his actions. Selfless actions are not Brockmire’s forte. Good intentions are not always rewarded.

Brockmire now understands what personal growth is, and why Charles will stick around. Maybe he could show Jules this personal growth and not make the obvious joke. There are other reasons Brockmire is a hit, besides his win over Matt the Bat.

Either way, now the Godfather references make much more sense.