Whiskey Cavalier season 1, episode 10 recap: Good Will Hunting


Whiskey Cavalier shows us a different side of Will in the wake of Emma’s death.

Whiskey Cavalier gives us a minor panic attack this week by showing us a very, very mean side of Will. Of course, we can’t blame him given what’s happened, but it’s still not a pretty side of him. In the wake of Emma’s death, Will handles it basically how he handles everything–being ignorant. He doesn’t want to take time off and he’d rather jump right into missions and the such.

This week’s mission is a personal one for Will, which is another reason he should be nowhere near any of it. So what is the target? Emma’s killer, Griffin. Yah, now you see what I mean when I said Will shouldn’t be anywhere near this? Bad, bad idea.

The mean, fierce version of Will might be sexy but it also means he’s pushing down his feelings to the point of no return. Frankie is definitely into it, but Ryan and Susan can tell he’s getting worse with every minute. His erratic behavior is not a good sign.

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Any guesses as to who the person behind all of this is? Yup, you got it, Whiskey Cavalier, fans–Ollerman. He managed to escape just a few episodes ago, and he’s not ready to stop making his old team’s life a living hell. But killing Emma? Not cool.

Knowing the vulnerable situation Will is in, Ollerman offers to tell him where Griffin is in exchange for meeting up with him. Obviously, he means to murder the guy, but is that really necessary, Ollerman?

Will’s anger and resentment test him in the toughest moment as he holds a gun to Griffin’s head. This man is responsible for taking Emma away from him, and with just one shot, he could get his revenge.

However, Frankie chimes in to give a speech at the last moment to persuade Will not to pull the trigger. It’s quite an intense moment if I’m being honest. But more than it is intense, it’s adorable to see Frankie pulling a Will to help talk Will down. Looks like he has rubbed off on her.

If you thought Griffin was going to get away scot-free, then you were wrong. Because as Will lets him go, Griffin tries to reach for his weapon only to be shot at by Susan. Damn, Susan! Maybe all that secret sex with Ray has given her some confidence. Side note: Frankie finds out about it!


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Emma’s death hit the entire team hard, not just Will. Jai seems to be hit the hardest after going to Emma’s funeral and seeing how many people came out to mourn her. He tries to find solace from Standish who doesn’t exactly realize that Jai needs some support. Thanks to Standish’ new boo, he steps up his friend game and tells Jai that the team is his family and will always be there for him. Gawwww, they’re so cute.

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Did I mention that there is a huge plot twist that reveals itself at the end of this Whiskey Cavalier episode? While celebrating the mission being a success, Tina (Standish’ boo) joins the team for drinks. She makes an interesting suggestion saying that they should put something up on the wall to honor Emma. Okay…but were you even friends, though?

No, they weren’t! Because as the camera zooms in on Tina’s gun, we get a flashback to the moment Emma was shot. The marks on both guns are the SAME which means…Tina killed Emma. Say what? I knew she was shady AF.

Whiskey Cavalier airs every Wednesday at 10 PM EST!