Whiskey Cavalier season 1, episode 11 recap: College Confidential


Whiskey Cavalier goes to…college.

Whiskey Cavalier heads to college in this week’s episode, “College Confidential”. Can I just say how adorable this team is and how much I heart them? While the rest of the team pretended to be professors for this week’s mission, Standish got to relive his old college days as a student. Leading the charge, as always, are Will and Frankie who seem to never be in agreement over how to handle every mission.

The best part about this week’s episode is seeing Will and Frankie play Mom and Dad to Standish. Can these two get together already? Here’s to hoping that’s how the season ends—please? The reason for all this parenting is because Standish is going undercover as a college student and has to get close to his roommate.

It’s hard for parents to let their child go out on their own and this is precisely what happens on this week’s Whiskey Cavalier. This brings us to the point that Standish is so absolutely amazing this week. He handles the mission like a pro and manages to surprise Will and Frankie with his secret plans. So what exactly is the team trying to accomplish this time around?

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A foreign student named Reggie has valuable research and his government is trying to get their hands on it. Unfortunately, they don’t intend to do great things with it hence why the team must intercept.

And if it wasn’t clear already, Standish goes undercover as this guy’s roommate, which makes for some hilarious moments.

It’s rather unfortunate that Reggie’s work is meant to do good but his government just wants it to create dangerous weapons. Standish takes everyone by surprise when he concocts a plan to let Reggie be taken in, shoots him, and tricks the foreign government into thinking Reggie is dead.

Damn, Standish! We definitely didn’t see that coming, even Will and Frankie are shocked that the student has now become the teacher.

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I’m so happy for how far Standish has come, but I’m not ready to witness his heartbreak when he finds out his girlfriend is evil and responsible for Emma’s death. That won’t end well, at all.

We have just two episodes of Whiskey Cavalier left–how will it all end? I’m scared to find out.

Whiskey Cavalier airs every Wednesday at 10 PM EST!