Chilling Adventures of Sabrina part 2, episode 2 recap: Chapter Thirteen: The Passion of Sabrina Spellman


The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina shows the Dark Lord’s power taking over Sabrina–will she succumb to it?

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has become a frightening example of its name. In part two, the series has gone darker, scarier, and at times, weirder than anything we’ve ever seen before. The Dark Lord is front and center in narrative and in physical form in this part, and it’s making the story rather unique.

Lilith has been Team Dark Lord from the get-go but her attitude changes once she learns what his real plan is–turn Sabrina into his prophet. After all the work Lilith has put in, she’s pissed that he would overlook her for such an honor. What better way to prove yourself than make a deal with the devil, which is precisely what Lilith does. If the Dark Lord can prove that Sabrina is ready to take on such a role, then Lilith will continue to serve him without question. However, if Lilith ends up being right, then she will be his prophet.

The wager kicks off with the Dark Lord commanding Sabrina to steal a pack of gum and when she shares this with her family, they insist that she has to follow his bidding. But when she does indeed attempt to, Ms. Wardwell/Lilith stops her. That is one point for Lilith!

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At the Academy, the students are prepping to partake in a play called Lucifer Morning Star which follows the story of Lilith and Lucifer. It’s not exactly the version everyone remembers, but rather Father Blackwood’s take on it. The devil gets to work again by trying to convince Sabrina that she should have the role of Lilith over Dorcas.

But once again Sabrina resists and doesn’t follow his temptations, which prompts the Dark Lord to make Sabrina choke while she eats an apple.

Aunt Hilda tells Sabrina that the Dark Lord works in mysterious ways and it’s not just about completing the task he demands, but rather just your willingness to do it. Aunt Hilda is the real MVP of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina!

Lost and confused, Sabrina goes back to mortal life to find things have changed quite a bit. Harvey and Roz are together, and Theo is struggling and being bullied. Not to mention, Sabrina now has the mark of the devil on her back so everything seemingly feels out of control.

Things start to get weird when Sabrina starts helping her friends out in different ways. She gives Theo some sort of charm that causes the star player to trip and fall and become crippled. Yikes, that might have been taking it too far. And then there’s Harvey and Roz, who Sabrina sees together and suddenly gets a strong desire to break them apart. But instead she walks away, and the next thing we know, Roz is sick with chickenpox.

Because of the Dark Lord’s meddling, Sabrina’s relationships start to get strained, Lilith’s anger rises, and even Aunt Zelda finds an enemy in Sister Jackson as the two try to hurt each other with spells. But here comes the real kicker Chilling Adventures of Sabrina fans, the Dark Lord appears once more to tell Sabrina that if she wants things to get better, she has to burn down Baxter High. It’s so she can never return there and run away from her problems.

Heeding Aunt Hilda’s advice, Sabrina goes to do just that but seconds before the match is thrown, the Dark Lord stops Sabrina. PHEW!

Unexpectedly, Dorcas falls ill with the chickenpox as well which means Sabrina must step in as she is the understudy. And what a marvelous performance Sabrina puts on! Everyone is overwhelmed with emotion, even Lilith can’t hold back her tears as she sees Sabrina play out her life in front of her.

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In exchange for losing the bet with the Dark Lord, Lilith is at his mercy but in return, he brings back Stolis, Lilith’s familiar (the crow) whose neck she once snapped. Let’s hope Stolis doesn’t remember that!

So, will Sabrina succumb to the Dark Lord’s commands? It would appear she’s closer and closer in doing so, especially considering she finally steals that gum. Looks like it’s game over for dear ‘ol Sabrina!