The Society: Is the Cassandra mystery really solved?


One of the main mysteries on The Society is what happened to Cassandra but the answer might not be so simple.

Warning: Major spoilers for The Society below

On a show like this, there has to be something major to sow the seeds to distrust in the community. All of the kids on The Society may not get along but the assumption is they all know each other well enough not to start killing. That changes the moment someone shoots and kills the group leader, Cassandra (Rachel Keller), in an act of pure malice.

Dewey (Tom Meriwether) openly admits to murdering her to Harry (Alex Fitzalan) after getting inspired by his friend’s “jokes”. Yes, Harry has been a rival to Cassandra throughout high school and he’s the first one to suggest violent tactics to get her to stop her leadership. However, he’s shocked to discover what Dewey did because he says he never would’ve acted on the things he said.

Unsurprisingly, Dewey is brought to trial and he’s found guilty. Initially, he says he’s innocent before pointing fingers at both Harry and Campbell. He’s nevertheless killed for his actions, but it doesn’t seem like the issue is cut and dry.

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As Dewey pointed out, the mounting escalation comes from Harry’s, Campbell’s, and other members’ of the Guard who can happily joke about sexually assaulting the girls to get in line. The Society actually has all the remaining women gather together to talk about the threat of rape and assault. Harry may claim he could never do something so heinous, but the truth is many members of the community would kill so long as they can maintain some semblance of their former life.

However, it’s worth noting that the series never actually shows us Dewey shooting Cassandra. This seems like an important omission because it means we don’t actually know for sure it was him. If Dewey didn’t do it, then who?

The Possibilities

The prime suspect is Campbell (Toby Wallace), who is revealed early on to actually be a psychopath. His brother, Sam (Sean Berdy) is terrified of him and it doesn’t take long for his girlfriend Elle (Olivia DeJonge) be too. Throughout the series, it seems like he’s been orchestrating a lot of the discord in West Ham for his own personal gain. We wouldn’t be surprised to discover he convinced Dewey to do it, or at the very least, take the fall to make Harry happy.

While the show doesn’t really get into it towards the end, but the bus driver is also a possibility. We have no idea why these kids were taken to New Ham yet we know he definitely has something to do with it. Could the bus driver be looking to see how the group would cope without someone keeping them in line? Cassandra was the one person who could really unravel the entire society.

The three people we also think could’ve done it are Allie, Harry, and Helena. Allie (Kathryn Newton) does seem genuinely devastated by her sister’s death so it’s unlikely but she was just beginning to rebel against Cassandra before her untimely demise. It’s possible she took things a step too far before immediately being filled with regret.

Harry is still a suspect because his “jokes” about assaulting and murdering Cassandra did sound a little too genuine. But at the moment, he doesn’t seem like the kind of guy prepared to do his own dirty work. Finally, Helena (Natasha Liu Bordizzo) has a mean streak beneath her friendly religious exterior. She owns quite a few guns and knows how to use them. Not to mention, there doesn’t seem to be any love lost between her and Cassandra. She wants power, and at first, she thinks her preaching will be enough to inspire others before it becomes clear that Cassandra and Allie are more respected. Since she appeared to be with Luke (Alexander MacNicoll) but she could’ve been the one to put Dewey up to it.

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Finally, is it possible Cassandra is even dead? We saw her shot and bleeding out on the ground but The Society never actually shows her body. While the kids definitely buried someone, it may have been a body double of some sort. The series still hasn’t revealed what even happened to the kids and we can’t leave out the possibility that someone is controlling things here.

Do you think the Cassandra mystery is really over? Be sure to tell us in the comment section below!