Ultraman season 1, episode 2 recap: An Inescapable Fate


Episode 2 of Netfix series Ultraman continues the battle between Ultraman, his son Shinjiro, and the sinister Bemular.

Episode 2 of Ultraman picks up right where the premiere left off. Shin Hayata (Fred Tatasciore), or “old man Ultraman,” is locked in a gripping battle with the sinister Bemular. Shin’s son, Shinjiro (Josh Hutcherson), was surprised to learn his dad was Ultraman, and now watches him battle in a sports stadium. Taking a moment away from fighting, Shin tells his son he knew that he’d have superpowers, too. Still, out of interest for his son’s safety, Shin launches him into the air, and the safety of a hovering helicopter. There Shinjiro is greeted by Mr. Ide (Brian Palermo).

The fight continues/Like father, like son

At first, the older Ultraman seems evenly matched with Bemular. However, after mocking him, Bemular gives a mighty punch through Ultraman’s torso, seemingly killing him. Incredibly, though, Shin does not exactly die. He may be weakened, but he’s not necessarily dead (apparently, Ultraman has wolverine-style healing powers, or something).

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Though Ide promised to protect Shinjiro no matter what, Shinjiro’s not having that. After seeing a
new Ultraman suit made just for him, he can’t resist the temptation to head back into battle to save his father. Indeed, before Bemular can truly finish off Shinjiro’s dad, Shinjiro interrupts the death blow, slamming Bemular down into the stadium’s ground. Re-introducing himself, he notes that, in so many words, he wants to pummel Bemular to smithereens. Sure enough, the dastardly menace is put on the run. Still, after giving it everything he had, Bemular’s resilience forces Shinjiro to ask, “What kind of monster you?”

The first enemy

From the helicopter above, Ide instructs Shinjiro to connect the control unit on his right wrist to the socket on his left one. This is how generates the “specium ray,” which is enough to deflect and possibly overtake Bemular’s own death rays. As those two forces combine, they soon create a huge explosion. Although it makes Ide lose visual of the battle, it does damage Bemular. Shinjiro is still standing, although winded. Unfortunately for Shinjiro (and ostensibly humanity), Bemular also still stands, albeit minus an arm. Still, Bemular is weakened enough to leave the battle, ominously declaring himself as “the first enemy,”

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After Bemular leaves, a giant helicopter scoops up Shinjiro. There he meets a mysterious alien figure named Edo (D.C. Douglas). Puzzled by this presence, Ide promises to reveal more about what’s happening, and presumably more about his Shinjiro’s father. We don’t yet know if Shin can survive Bemular’s attack, but we do know Ultraman is not like ordinary men. We also know more alien invaders are bound to show up trying to ruin Ultraman’s day.

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