Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 6, episode 17 recap: Sicko


America’s favorite cannibal is back in this week’s episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, “Sicko.” Will Caleb help the squad help Jake catch a serial killer? Will he try to eat Boyle? Is the war with Commissioner Kelly finally reaching a head? Let’s recap!

The penultimate episode of season six of Brooklyn Nine-Nine was written by Justin Noble (Idiotsitter) and directed by Matthew Nodella (Northern Exposure). We’re fresh off of “Cinco de Mayo,” where Terry (Terry Crews) not only won the yearly heist, but passed the lieutenant’s exam. That was about the only thing I correctly predicted about the episode.

But there are more important storylines in “Sicko.” Terry may have to leave the Nine-Nine. Commissioner Kelly (Phil Reeves) is breathing down Captain Holt’s (Andre Braugher) back. And, Jake (Andy Samberg) and Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio) have to catch a serial killer.

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The Spice Boys Assemble

There’s a super creepy serial killer within the precinct. I know. All serial killers are creepy. But, per Medical Examiner Dr. Oliver Cox (Gabe Liedman), this serial killer just rams a knife into their victims until they get to the heart. Then there’s precision in the removal of the organ. Plus, you know, someone out there is cutting hearts out of people. Yikes!

Jake and Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz) bid on who gets the case. Boyle bids to make sure Jake gets the case because Boyle is a true ride or die. Jake barely has time to enjoy the hunt because Commissioner Kelly constantly shows up in the squad asking for updates. Kelly is really there to try and sell Jake on using his new hot tip app, where the public can flood the squad with hot tips constantly.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine-Sicko-Courtesy of John P. Fleenor/NBC

Captain Holt is against this because he believes it will just create a mound of useless information for the squad to verify on a consistent basis. I mean, Hitchcock (Dirk Blocker) and Scully (Joel McKinnon Miller) can only do so much busy work in between microwaving the perfect lasagna. But Jake and Boyle believe they may need the help of the app when they have trouble making headway into the case.

In order to get the scent of a serial killer back, Jake his old cellmate, child eating cannibal Caleb John Gosche (Tim Meadows), for help. He does help Jake and Boyle understand the motivations and behavior of the killer. He also tries to eat Boyle a couple of times. Classic Caleb.

With Caleb’s insights and some nifty police work, Jake comes up with a lead. But he needs to use Kelly’s app to quickly narrow down the list of suspects. Captain Holt follows Jake and Boyle and confronts them for using the app. But, it gets results. The case is solved by a tipper who tags his hot tip with “Baba Booey.”

Apparently, nasty mobsters who need heart transplants are harvesting organs to lengthen their lives. That’s some truly heinous, Victorian-era stuff right there, folks. But, when Captain Holt apologizes to Kelly and admits the tip line worked, Jake notices something. Kelly’s assistant Micah (Tim Kalpakis) says “Baba Booey.”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine-Sicko-Courtesy of John P. Fleenor/NBC

Micah called in the tip! He got the information from some civil rights violating Dark Knight machine that Kelly uses to listen in on all forms of communication. Kelly says that there’s nothing anyone can do about his Dark Knight machine. It will continue to exist, grow, and further infringe civil liberties. What can the Spice Boys do?

Got the Loot?

Terry is excited about becoming a lieutenant. He’s excited about trading in the nickname “Sarge” for “Loot.” Rosa and Amy (Melissa Fumero) ask if there’s a big pay raise with the promotion. Terry doesn’t like to brag, but there is. It was cool to see him happy after a season of nervousness over the exam. But that happiness is short-lived. Since the Nine-Nine budget can’t afford his promotion, Terry will have to be transferred.

Rosa and Amy suggest that Terry gets rid of someone in the squad to make room for the pay raise. Terry doesn’t want to fire anyone, so he finds someone that he can encourage to leave to follow loftier pursuits. He finds Brian Floomryde (Travis Coles) in data entry. Brian loves musical theater and has always wanted to pursue it. Terry easily convinces him to follow that dream.

Brian decides to quit the Nine-Nine and gives a farewell performance to the squad. Brain has all the confidence in the world. He owns the stage. There’s no fear in him. And, he has zero musical talent. The kind of zero that voice lessons can’t help. The kind of zero that would make a movement class dangerous.

Terry feels horrible. He feels even worse when he finds out that Brian is a single father supporting three kids under the age of three. He bluntly tells Brian that he’s talentless. Brain decides to rescind his resignation. He gives one more performance that is full of love and pirouettes. It is devoid of talent and marketability. It looks like Terry will be transferred.

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Keeping it DC

Back to Commissioner Kelly’s Dark Knight machine. What is Jake going to do about this civil rights atrocity at the top of the NYPD food chain? I’ll tell you what he does. Because this is a recap. He stays in the DC Universe and forms a Suicide Squad that features some of the most well known members of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine Rouges Gallery. Chief Madeline Wuntch (Kyra Sedgwick), Captain Jason Stentley aka C.J. and aka Ceej (Ken Marino, and The Vulture (Dean Winters) are all brought in to help bring down Kelly.

Man, alive! I can’t wait for next week’s season finale. Luckily, I didn’t have to wait a week. The season finale aired right after “Sicko.” What kind of Jake fueled plan will be unleashed on Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

Did you like “Sicko?” Have you enjoyed this season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine so far? Let’s discuss in the comments!