9-1-1 season 2 finale recap: This Life We Choose


That 9-1-1 season 2 finale, though!

9-1-1 concluded its second season last week, leaving fans on the edge of their seats until the very end. So much went down in the season two finale, so I need to process it with you guys one crazy situation at a time. And if for any reason you have not watched the finale, please do not read ahead as there are major spoilers ahead!

First things first, a bomb scare takes over the city of Los Angeles, putting everyone on edge as the team works together to figure out who the heck is responsible. But this unfortunate situation doesn’t stop the team from living their lives which includes Bobby and Athena making plans for their wedding, Buck finding a place to live, and Hen and Karen thinking about having another kid.

Told you there was a lot going on!

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However, things take a dire turn when the culprit behind the bombings is discovered. It turns out he’s the son of the man who committed arson earlier this season and went to jail for it. He’s seeking revenge on those responsible for putting his father in jail, with the prime target being Bobby. Unfortunately, Buck finds himself at the center of it all when one of the fire trucks blows up and Buck’s leg is crushed.

With screws and metal rods holding his leg together, Buck is pretty much indisposed for the foreseeable future. The extent of his injury may prevent him from being able to do his job ever again. Ugh, this episode of 9-1-1 really hurt.

To make matters worse, when Ali (remember the girl he rescued from the building) learns that Buck 100% intends on getting back to work, she decides this relationship isn’t going to work out after all. This poor guy can never catch a break!

Now, let’s move on to Eddie, who is dealing with life after the death of his wife. His family flies in for the funeral and is insisting that he and Christopher move back with them because Eddie will not be able to provide in the way he wants. Excuse me, Eddie had been taking care of Christopher this whole time!

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After stepping in to save Buck’s life from the kid who wanted to blow everyone up, Bobby is finally reinstated as Captain and then passes on the good karma to Eddie who is finally taken off probation and promoted! And while we’re talking about the positive aspects of the 9-1-1 season two finale, Chim and Maddie decided to give their feelings another go making all the ChAddie (totally made up this hashtag btw) stans out there extremely happy!

And of course, the cherry on top of all this wonderful news was Bobby and Athena eloping. Things had been so chaotic and they didn’t want to delay their wedding in pursuit of grander plans, so they decided to just go for it. Oh, my delicate heart, how I love and adore 9-1-1!

9-1-1 will return for a third season in the fall!