Opinion: Game of Thrones’ final season wasn’t that bad

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(L to R) Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark and Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen – Photo: Helen Sloan/HBO

Now, some positives

What I’m most bummed about is that Game of Thrones is over. Like I said in the beginning, a bad season of this show is better than the majority of what’s on television. The show as a whole is some of the best – the acting, the production, the directing, and the writing.

I can live with the fact that eight percent of the entire show isn’t as great as the rest. Not all of the last six episodes were bad either.

In “Winterfell,” we found out that our favorite fire-haired wildling survived the collapse of the wall. There were so many amazing reunions, and Bran finally laid eyes on Jaime Lannister again, after not seeing each other since Jaime pushed him out the window in episode 1.

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I don’t care what any of you says, Arya and Gendry getting together is amazing. And how can you not be happy about Jaime knighting Brienne in “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms”? It also gave us that incredibly acted tense scene between Sansa and Daenerys, followed by Sansa’s reunion with Theon. This episode made be the best of the season.

If you say “The Long Night” wasn’t amazing, you’re just dead wrong. ARYA FREAKING STARK KILLED THE NIGHT KING.

In “The Last of the Starks,” we starkly see the contrast between the agony of mourning and the joy of celebration. We begin to see Daenerys’ descent into darkness. And hello? Jaime and Brienne finally act on their feelings. And you get to see Sansa put to use some manipulation skills she learned from Littlefinger.

You may not have enjoyed “The Bells” if you’re a loyal Daenerys fan, but that was a spectacular episode. Just knowing how production built the entire set in a parking lot and made it look like a city was incredible.

And, in “The Iron Throne,” the acting alone was top-notch. You may hate how it ended, but at least give props when they’re due.