Game of Thrones series finale reactions and surprises

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For the final time ever, Game of Thrones spoilers ahead!

Game of Thrones is officially over.

After 73 episodes, eight seasons, over 70 hours, three dragons, hundreds of theories, and thousands of deaths, the biggest fantasy drama has come to an end.

Final episodes are tricky because someone is bound to be disappointed at the outcome. Game of Thrones has garnered so much water-cooler talk over the years, gained new watchers with every season, and literally shocked us to our core—it has cemented itself in pop culture forever.

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The finale, “The Iron Throne,” wasn’t everything I expected and at times found myself bummed out. My biggest issues with were that it should have been broken into two episodes. Episode six should have slipped back into that slow burn that it was so good at in the beginning and built up Jon’s inner struggle. The episode should have ended with Jon killing Daenerys, Drogon melting of the Iron Throne, then flying off with Dany’s body.

Then, the final episode could have been the wind-down, the aftermath. I have so many questions:

How did they find out Jon had killed Dany? How did Grey Worm get so much say? How did Uncle Edmure get back in the mix of things, and where the heck was he during the Battle of Winterfell? How did Sam become Grand Maester without completing the maester program? How is Brann going to get around the Red Keep without ramps? How did they clean up the Red Keep so quickly?

Those are just a few of my questions. Now, here are the things that surprised me.