The Society season 1, episode 5 recap: Putting on the Clothes


Cassandra’s killer is arrested on this episode of The Society.

Word has spread throughout town that Gordie is hot on the case of Cassandra’s killer and everyone doesn’t seem to care. Well, everyone except for her killer that is. It turns out that The Society was only setting Harry and Campbell up as the obvious choices when in reality it was someone completely different.

The first part of “Putting on the Clothes” breezes by quickly from the moment the show reveals that Greg Dewey (Seth Meriwether) is the real killer. Harry and his friends (including Dewey) are hanging around to laugh at how Gordie has managed to create a DNA database. However, they admit that Gordie is kind of a genius who was in love with Cassandra so there’s a real chance he manages to catch the killer.

Dewey asks Harry what he thinks, but Harry doesn’t really have a bone to pick in this fight. Although, he does hope the “weirdo” who did it is caught soon. Dewey is immediately insulted and reveals that he was the one who did it but only acting on Harry’s words from before. When Harry was “joking” about assaulting and murdering her, Dewey took that to heart. He helped his friend get some peace by getting rid of the only person who was disrupting his constant partying.

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To Harry’s credit, he immediately calls Kelly and tells her what he knows. However, he doesn’t quite come clean about his part in all of this. Kelly updates Allie and the rest of the committee about what has happened so they can figure out their next move. Grizz and Luke suggest a predawn raid so they can arrest him with as little violence as possible. Also, Grizz has handcuffs but he isn’t interested in elaborating about where he found them.

Things don’t go exactly as planned, although The Society gets a brief moment of humor when the boys have difficulty knocking down a door. They break into the house and find Dewey in his underwear upstairs. It doesn’t take long to find his gun and drag him out of bed in front of everyone. However, no one actually has a plan about where to put him. Since a bathroom won’t work, Luke locks him in his father’s wine cellar and the Guard takes turn watching him. Also, Gordie stops by to reveal the bullet casings match the ones he found at the crime scene and the forensics trumps Dewey’s claims of innocence.

Allie heads into town where she updates New Ham about the situation. There will be a trial but in the meantime, Dewey is being held until that time. Also, he’s being treated relatively well (he’s a murderer after all) and left alone in his cell. Things change quickly when Clark takes it upon himself to get a confession out of Dewey. It’s personal for him since Dewey apparently treated his sister terrible. However, the beatdown is interrupted when Allie and Luke demand he stops. Clark angrily replies that Allie doesn’t have what it takes to do what needs to be done. Namely, violence and fear are what would keep people in line.

However, The Society keeps Allie dedicated to at least attempting to be fair. She recruits Helena to be the defense attorney, who steadfastly refuses. Helena has zero interest in being the one to defend Dewey because if he’s guilty and gets away with it then it would be on her head. What’s worse is if he’s innocent but found guilty then she would have to live with whatever punishment he received. Allie doesn’t care because by asking Helena to take part, her denial is already making her partially responsible.

With no other options, Helena agrees and Allie officially begins the trial proceedings. To Helena’s benefit, she does seem to be trying her best as an impromptu defense attorney. She’s noticeably uncomfortable, especially when she needs to ask questions that try to minimize Gordie’s findings. However, Dewey’s gun is missing two bullets, and the two bullets Cassandra was shot with match the others. Harry even takes the stand to testify, truly damning him if the forensic evidence wasn’t enough.

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Smug Dewey doesn’t care though, he sits in his wine cellar and confidently tells Allie that this trial is just a sham. She can’t really do anything to him because “life in a wine cellar” is a joke. Yet, Allie isn’t playing around. Her punishment doesn’t have anything to do with living and suddenly Dewey is afraid. He stammers that Harry and Campbell helped him do it but she doesn’t believe him. He yells after her asking what she wants to hear before hugging himself. Could they really have helped or was it a last ditch effort to live?

Unsurprisingly, the jury finds Dewey guilty and Allie releases everyone while she decides on his sentencing. Since he’s already dug himself into a deep hole, Dewey decides to go even further with a statement. He announces he killed Cassandra because she was a b*tch, along with all the other girls who won’t become subservient. Naturally, people begin to yell angrily at him but Allie allows him to keep speaking. He reveals what Harry really said that night and that Campbell was the one who helped him plan the murder.

Harry denies the claim, although we know it’s true, while Campbell goes to stomp out of the room after saying Dewey is a liar. With the crowd yelling that Campbell is the real liar, Allie has no other option but to arrest him. Looks like mob justice might become a thing on The Society.

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The episode also deals with some of the other plot lines like Campbell’s and Elle’s toxic relationship thickening. She’s stuck inside with no friends but it does seem like she’s confided in Helena about what has been happening. Luckily, the dog who was there the night Cassandra dies shows up and Elle finally has someone to care for. Just as she gets used to him though, it’s heavily implied that Campbell kills him. Here’s hoping she can get out of that house sooner rather than later.

What did you think of this episode? Do you think Dewey is the real killer or was it someone else? Be sure to tell us in the comment section below!