The Widow season 1, episode 3 recap: The Survivors


Episode 3 of Amazon’s the Widow puts Georgia in harm’s way. Also, a child commits an atrocity and the truth about Ariel is revealed.

As episode 3 of The Widow begins, Molisho (Likho Mango) is running away from his militant surroundings. However, unlike him, Adidja (Shalom Nyandiko) is sticking with the disreputable Pieter Bello (Bart Fouche).

Meanwhile, Georgia Wells (Kate Beckinsale) calls Martin Benson (Charles Dance) about the tragic death of Emmanuel (Jacky Ido) from a car bomb meant for her. Although Benson is reticent about her plight, it becomes clear that he’ll get more involved in getting answers about her husband, Will (Matthew Le Nevez).

Ariel’s secrets

We also learn how Ariel (Ólafur Darri Ólafsson) ties into The Widow story. In the present, we see him rejected as a candidate for eye surgery, which seems to be a catalyst for evaluating his life.

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He faces his life decisions, including not speaking about the events which lead to his blindness. Specifically, he’s never really talked about the plane crash, or how a woman (Luiana Bonfim) unintentionally set off a bomb by opening her laptop on the plane.

Additionally, he never mentioned another crash survivor, Dominique (Pamela Nomvete), and how she was reported dead in the press despite barely having a scratch in the plane crash’s immediate aftermath. In fact, she was in much better shape than him.

While she set out for help, he was left slumped against the tree, only being rescued by a random passersby in a pickup truck.

Ariel’s other big omission was his identity. Prior to the accident his name was Mikael. When he reveals all this to his love interest, Beatrix (Louise Brealey), she does not take it very well. In fact, she may even be too judgmental about it.

While she criticizes his decision, and Ariel himself regrets it and finds it cowardly, there’s a sense that he had an overwhelming 6th sense about his situation. Ariel knew his life would have been in danger had he told his story, disrupting whatever narrative was official unfolding for the press. Why were they calling the crash a technical failure? By the episode’s end, Martin Benson meets Ariel, and we know some hard truths will be dealt with.

Georgia’s quest

We wouldn’t call it The Widow without Georgia Wells, who is convinced that Will is alive. Georgia and Judith (Alex Kingston) fly over a site close to where Will’s plane crashed, yet she seems more determined than nervous. She is headed to Kisima, despite being warned of militia groups over there.

Soon Judith drops a bombshell of disquieting info — Will was with a woman! Specifically, he was hanging around with a wife of general in the Congolese army.

Initially, Georgia doesn’t want to hear it, denying that Will might have been getting freaky with someone else. However, it’s a possible explanation for his going missing (recall that, in the previous episode, Will was crammed into a box in the back of someone’s truck!).

Now, Georgia meets Dr. Tom Jansen (Howard Charles) and they head out to Kisima with project coordinator Louise (Mathilde Warnier). They try to avoid Liberation of Rwanda forces by detouring around a village. However, they are stopped by armed militia men, who initially steal their van and all its medical supplies.

Fortunately, though, the van breaks down. At first, they kidnap Fabrice (Richard Lukunku), then also decide to try kidnapping Georgia. However, she’s just not having it. Before they can get too tough, she hits a kidnapper with a rock and takes his gun. She shoots one of the assailants, causing another to flee.

Adidja’s atrocity

The Widow has demonstrated Pieter Bello is somewhat bad. However, in episode 3 we get a stronger taste of his villainy.

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In a village, he calls for a man named Kalehe Mampata ( Mavuso Simelane), with the clear intent of punishing him. However, rather than do the deed himself, Pieter turns the task over to Adidja, the child soldier.

Although the episode doesn’t end with this scene, the mood definitely carries over into the next one. When Martin Benson meets Ariel, we get a general tone of danger and better understand the confused fear which led Mikael to become Ariel to begin with. Viewers themselves don’t know full details by this point, but they’ll know something sinister is afoot, and it has the name “Pieter Bello” all over it.

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