Jessica Jones: Official Twitter account teases season 3 with new makeover


Is Jessica Jones a fraud?

While fans anxiously await any news about the final season of Jessica Jones, the show’s official Twitter account has quietly undergone a makeover. While the account used to be a place for snarky comments from “Jessica” herself, it seems like someone else has taken over. Whoever is in charge has changed the named to “Jessica Jones is a fraud.” and clearly has some beef with the vigilante.

The entire page is now a giant teaser for anyone trying to theorize what season 3 will be about. Jessica’s description reads, “I have not earned my powers. I cheated.” while the header is covered with different insults like narcissist, alcoholic, fraud, and liar.

Over the header is also a large paragraph where the user goes on a very long rant about how Jessica Jones is a fraud. They claim the fact that she never earned her powers makes her “an entitled brat”. While most of the writing just seems like an endless complaint about the hero, there are some interesting tidbits sprinkled throughout. For starters, the mysterious writer refers to himself/herself as the “HAND OF DEATH” and they plan to have people on their knees begging for mercy.

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The goal of this new antagonist seems to be the desire to “expose supers” and getting rid of frauds. Not to mention, there’s a rather explicit death threat about wanting to strangle Jessica to death and the plan to “kill again”. Also, the Hand of Death would like to lead a “new world order” in case the rest of the rant wasn’t disturbing enough.

So what exactly does this mean for Jessica Jones season 3?

Many fans have already begun speculating that this new villain is none other than Trish Walker, who has finally gone off the deep end after gaining powers. However, both Rachael Taylor and Krysten Ritter have mentioned how their characters’ relationships are the heart of the series. Even when Trish was at her worst last season, it never felt like she would be onboard with the premeditated murder of her sister.

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Also, this is the final season for these characters. Trish went to a really dark place in season 2 but it wouldn’t feel like a satisfying ending if the two sisters didn’t make-up before the series finale.

We already know she’ll be taking on her iconic Hellcat persona from the comics so it seems more likely these two will be teaming up to take down the Hand of Death. The threat about killing again does seem like a hint that someone close to both Trish and Jessica will bite the dust to unite them again. Sadly, our money is on Malcolm since he’s probably the only one who they have in common.

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