Chilling Adventures of Sabrina part 2, episode 5 recap: Chapter Sixteen: Blackwood


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina introduces the Anti-Pope amidst impending wedding nuptials.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is inching closer to the wedding day of Father Blackwood and Zelda Spellman. Why anyone would want to marry Father Blackwood is beyond me, but I’ll roll with it. Of course, it doesn’t help that that in the middle of the night, Father Blackwood is heeded a warning about the Spellmans and how they would bring the end of the Blackwood family.

Of course, to add to the drama and stress, the Anti-Pope is coming to pay the Academy of Unseen Arts a visit. But you see, this is all in sync with Lilith’s plan for Sabrina, according to the demands of the Dark Lord. There is one thing left for Sabrina to do that would fulfill the Dark Lord’s ambitions—end the Church of the Night.

To push Sabrina towards the edge, Lilith uses a glamour to pose as a ghost of Sabrina’s father who places the blame for his and Sabrina’s mother’s death on Father Blackwood. It’s just the push Sabrina needs to take down Father Blackwood. Clever girl, that Lilith. Unfortunately, when Sabrina tries to tell Zelda of what’s going on, she doesn’t really care to listen.

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Luckily, Ambrose is willing to help Sabrina out after the whole tarot card fiasco so both of them pay Wardwell/Lilith a visit. They learn that Sabrina’s parents were heading to Rome to meet with the Anti-Pope when their plane crashed.

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Determined to learn what her parents were trying to do, Sabrina has Nick go through a portal to get a hold of her father’s book. It turns out that Sabrina and Edward were more alike than she realized, as he too was working diligently to make witches/warlocks get along with humans and vice versa. But not if misogynistic Father Blackwood, who hopes to make women his slaves and men in charge of the Church of the Night, can help it.

Thanks to Hilda, Zelda’s ghost problem is solved, and in turn, Zelda asks Father Blackwood to lift Hilda’s ban from the Church of the Night. Oh, and also finally give Prudence his name. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina ups the ante when Ambrose, Nick, and Sabrina work together to ensure the Anti-Pope gets a hold of Edward’s work, someone whom he actually liked.

Again, things aren’t too keen to work in anyone’s favor but Father Blackwood’s who sets up a devious plan that causes Ambrose to murder the Anti-Pope while under a spell. Luckily, Ambrose manages to get away before Father Blackwood can cause any harm to him, but the same cannot be said for the other two blokes that were with him.

The search for Ambrose begins on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and to solidify his support, Father Blackwood officially gives Prudence his name. What a mean, clever father he truly is! Of course, Sabrina tries to interfere with her aunt’s wedding under the glamour of her parents but is outed when Father Blackwood reveals that it’s her and Nick.

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Things take a drastic turn as Sabrina tries to warn everyone that it was Father Blackwood who was responsible for what happened to the Anti-Pope. Of course, it doesn’t help that Ambrose suddenly appears and tries to kill Father Blackwood, but he’s unable to because Prudence interferes. Things end on a dire note for the episode as Ambrose is locked away, Sabrina and Nick are kicked out of school, and Zelda goes off on her honeymoon with Father Blackwood.

And, can I just put it out there that I’m so not on the Father Blackwood/Zelda marriage train? She’s totally under his spell, and it won’t end well for anyone! Also, what was up with the whole Dark Lord coming to bless the marriage the night before ordeal? If memory serves me correctly, Zelda was meant to have sex with him but luckily for her, the Anti-Pope was murdered before she could.

This show can get just a little bit intense sometimes, can’t it?