The Society season 1, episode 7 recap: Allie’s Rules


The Society jumps forward to a less peaceful time.

Time jumps are always pretty jarring on any show but The Society has used it quite a bit with its story-telling. It’s understandable, considering that peace isn’t exactly an exciting plot line to follow.  However, it’s getting to the point where one episode the kids have gained some semblance of a plan only for the next episode to jump into the future where unrest has started. Hopefully, if there’s a second season, we get to slow down a bit and see things play out.

There are so many different storylines to follow, I’m going to break this recap up into different sections for each of the characters.


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As the leader of New Ham, she’s tasked with keeping everything in line. However, she’s dealing with anxiety and fear after killing Dewey. Will is sympathetic and he does try his best to lend a helpful hand. Namely, reminding her that people are safe which is why they respect her. Allie isn’t that naive though. She set the standard by killing Dewey which could (and probably will) come back to bite her in the ass.

At their community meeting, the unrest can be felt by one girl who won’t stop asking questions. Her accusatory tone when requesting an update from the Committee on Going Home seems to hint that she doesn’t believe Allie is even trying to get them home. Nevertheless, Allie plays it off with a joke before Will announces they’ll be out of rations by the summer. Right now it’s the fall, but it’s enough to start worrying the others. Allie does reveal she has a plan: Grizz will be taking a team into the woods where they can try to find land to farm on.

Naturally, kids aren’t fond of this but they don’t have many options. Allie understands right away but she refuses to host an election as Will wants. She’s afraid that it will become an “us vs. them” dynamic that will only further divide New Ham.


He’s essentially become Allie’s advisor/chief strategist on The Society but the show doesn’t really seem to know what do with him. He has the unsavory job of being the “good guy” throughout the show without getting too much to actually do. All we know so far is that he used to be in foster care and his main goal so far has been trying to woo over Kelly.

Nevertheless, he does share a nice scene with Allie where the two agree to start their own Thanksgiving traditions. He also gets physical with Kelly in the Jiu Jiutsu class so that plan to win her over seems to be moving along nicely.

Helena and Luke

In the running for the cutest couple on the show, Helena and Luke continue on their quest to get married. Many fans of The Society have already been speculating that Luke has a dark side because of his flirting with Emily back in the pilot. Yet, here he seems more dedicated than ever to Helena. She picks out her mom’s old dress and Luke can’t help but marvel at her.

He also takes his best friends, Grizz and Clark to help him pick out an engagement ring. It’s sweet to see Luke say how Helena sees the person he could be rather than the one he is and that’s the one he wants looking at him for the rest of his life. At the church, he officially proposes again and with a ring which Helena tearfully accepts.

Other than the wedding, Helena also has become a major force in the community. She’s still giving sermons at the church and trying to inspire positivity. When announcing the plans for Thanksgiving, she’s met by a bunch of somber faces. However, she makes them realize that everyone in the community is important and how every single one of them contributes to keeping each other safe.

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Arguably, Kelly has had the best arc on The Society thus far. She’s been saving her rations up so that she could give them to Becca and it’s shocking that no one else has even thought to do this. Becca doesn’t think it’s necessary but Kelly points out she’s the only one in town eating for two. The whole interaction also reminds us that Becca is still just a teenager and she’s terrified about what will happen in a month when her due date hits.

Kelly isn’t willing to let her die though and she immediately begins doing some research. Grabbing some medical books and heading to the doctor’s office, she starts practicing. Mainly on doing an ultrasound on herself so that she could perform one for Becca.

At the doctor’s, Becca claims she’s uncomfortable and weirded out before Kelly finally gets the baby on the screen. It’s a heartwarming moment for Becca to finally see the baby and hear the heartbeat but Kelly has an amazing reaction as well. She just proved to herself that there’s a major way for her to contribute to their society. Looks like New Ham might finally have its first doctor!

Gordie and Bean

For some reason, Allie thinks the Committee on Going Home should deliver their theories before Thanksgiving dinner? Why not save this until the next day? Nevertheless, Gordie announces that he believes they are on a parallel universe. There are no satellites, the stars are shifted slightly, and the eclipse was not planned.

The kids are momentarily glum but Allie delivers a pretty rousing speech. She officially dubs the place New Ham and says this is a sign of hope. Their parents and their families are alive but just somewhere else. “Doors work both ways” as Allie points out and that they can find a way back somehow.

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Sam and Grizz

Inspired by Luke’s speech about Helena, Grizz takes off to try and talk to Sam. Throughout these months that have passed, it turns out Grizz has developed quite a crush. He’s tried his best to learn sign language but has accidentally learned BSL not realizing it was different than ASL. Nevertheless, Sam finds it endearing and the two wind up spending most of the day together.

Grizz teaches Sam how to garden and in turn learns some proper sign language. In fact, the two lose track of time and miss Thanksgiving altogether. However, they have more fun by ending the night with a kiss hinting towards a new relationship. Sadly, Becca feels lost and alone when Sam never shows up to dinner.

Elle and Campbell

It’s a shame The Society made Campbell a psychopath because it takes away a lot of the tension from his scenes. We already know he’s evil and doesn’t actually feel empathy or love towards others. Which means every second Elle spends with him is just a way for him to emotionally torture her. Considering the Guard and Allie know what Campbell is, it’s a little odd no one has thought to actually check in on Elle.

At least she’s taking matters into her own hands. When Campbell decides they’re staying home for Thanksgiving and she’s cooking, Elle concocts a plan. She makes a pumpkin pie since it’s a dessert only he likes and poisons it. Of course, things take a wrong turn when Campbell suddenly changes his mind and makes her bring the pie to the New Ham festivities. Looks like Elle is about to be responsible for quite a few problems in town.

Everyone else

While it’s delegated to a subplot, Harry has sunk further into his depressionThe Society does a good job portraying what that’s like as we see him struggle with feeling worthless and unable to even get up. He’s stopped caring and neither his friends or Allie can give him the drive to actually get out of bed.

Meanwhile, Clark and his girlfriend have broken up but are pretending to still be a couple so they don’t have to share their room. Why are couples getting this special treatment? It’s a little weird.

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The show has done such a good job of showing how a bunch of people forced to recreate a society could struggle with forming a structure. However, it’s definitely lacking in the relationship department. All of the time jumps take away from some of the natural progression from friendship to romance. Only Helena and Luke have any actual buildup because they’ve been together from the beginning. However, we only got one scene with Sam and Grizz at prom before they’re together now. Yes, they’re adorable but it would be nice to slow down and actually see things play out once in a while.

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