The Society season 1, episode 6 recap: “Like a F-ing God or Something”


The Society sets a dangerous precedent for the rest of the series.

“Like a F-ing God or Something” picks up a few days after Campbell’s arrest as Allie mulls over what the punishment should be with the people involved in Cassandra’s death. Luke is gently trying to push her towards a decision because the Guard doesn’t have enough manpower to watch over both of the prisoners and have people patrolling the street. She suggests they begin training more, but it’s going to take some time. It also seems like the start of a dangerous decision, because prioritizing the police over other jobs isn’t likely to go over well in the community on The Society.

Rather than check in with Dewey after his outburst, Allie wants to prioritize figuring out Campbell’s part in all of this. Sam warns her that his brother is good at manipulating people but Allie seems adept at keeping him on his toes. First, he attempts to go for her sympathy, playing on the family card and declaring his innocence. Then he goes for logic, pointing out there’s no evidence and he wasn’t even friends with Dewey. Finally, he ends up being wise to her true intentions and calling her out: this is just a way for Allie to get rid of Campbell.

Her face says it all, that’s definitely an underlying factor in this arrest. Ever since Sam revealed that his brother is a psychopath, it’s become clear that Campbell is just a ticking bomb. If Allie could take him out now, then she could save New Ham a potential disaster down the line. But Campbell also says Allie couldn’t just kill him for allegedly plotting Cassandra’s death without also having to kill Dewey. Could she sleep with the death of her cousin on her conscious? Allie thinks she just might be able to, a thought which does seem to unsettle Campbell.

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As disgusted as she is with Harry, Allie did decide to let stay free after Dewey revealed his part in all of this. She acknowledges that wishing someone was dead isn’t an actual crime even if abhors her. Harry isn’t doing well, with Campbell locked up he can’t get any drugs and people have been sending him threatening text messages all of the time. Kelly doesn’t really sympathize, especially when he says he’s afraid “women” will attack him. Kelly has quickly become one of the best characters on The Society, calling Harry out for something so ridiculous. The women tried to instill order to prevent violence from happening while Harry and Dewey were laughing about how they’d like to sexually assault Cassandra.

Harry admits that he’s been lost and angry ever since they arrived here. He doesn’t know who he is and it upsets him that people can take his mother’s, his little sister’s, and his stuff like it’s worthless. However, he perceives these rules as Cassandra going out of her way to humiliate him. Whatever problems they had in high school, it seems a bit ridiculous that Harry would see “sharing” as something beneath him. He also says that he might have wished Cassandra had disappeared but didn’t remember the exact semantics. On one hand, yes, it’s easy to sympathize with depression and feeling of being meaningless. However, his constant refusal to own up to his actions and words are infuriating.

However, the town is beginning to turn on Allie. Her inability to make a decision makes her seem weak and Dewey is going on a hunger strike as he gets more comfortable. Grizz, Luke, Gordie, and Will finally force her to sit down to have a conversation. Allie wants to start a prison because they have no other alternative, but Grizz points out that they don’t have the resources. Luke thinks they should kill them both but Allie thinks that’s awful. She couldn’t really kill them, and the truth is that they have no evidence on Campbell. They can’t just execute someone because they’re afraid of them or for what they might do. With her mind made up, she lets Campbell go home.

Naturally, her committee is furious, especially Will and Sam. The latter thinks they’ll have to suffer later on for letting him go. Allie is tired though, and she really doesn’t want to be the one making decisions. Will comes to her alone and essentially pushes her hand to make a ruling on Dewey. People in town seem to be split about what to do with him. Helena had come to Luke earlier about not wanting Dewey to die because she thinks they need to be better than their parents. Nevertheless, he’s sentenced to die as Dewey is pulled screaming from the courtroom.

The Society doesn’t hold back on the execution scene as Dewey screams for mercy. He’s terrified and the Guard looks uncomfortable about potentially having to kill him. Grizz throws up, suddenly overcome with the realization he’s about to take a life. Helena prays with him before asking Allie to reconsider. However, when the Guard goes to shoot, Grizz puts his gun down unable to do it. Allie steps in, prepared to carry out the ruling herself. Her tear-filled eyes show us that this isn’t an easy decision, but as a leader, she’s willing to be the one to make the tough calls.

The scene is reminiscent of The 100 when the group is forced to decide what the penalty is for murder. However, that community had a wall which could prevent people from coming back. New Ham is unprotected, and dropping Dewey off in the woods wouldn’t guarantee he couldn’t return. As Grizz pointed out before, they don’t have the resources or manpower for a prison. The only real options were to let him go or to kill him, and unfortunately, The Society fell on the latter.

It sets a dangerous precedent for the rest of the series. What happens when it’s murder in self-defense? Without a prison, does that man every major crime will be punished by death? Allie has set herself down a slippery slope that will impact the community for the rest of the series. However, for the time being, she’s just dealing with the fact that she killed someone. To Harry’s credit, he finally shows up to apologize, but she’s not ready to hear it.

Everyone else deals with it in their own way. Jason seems to be handling it slightly better than most while he confides in his girlfriend. Grizz is shocked at what they’re capable of doing to each other but he comforts Allie. Meanwhile, Luke breaks down about how it’s his fault. Helena is by his side and promises that she doesn’t hate him for his part in all of this. Luke asks to marry her, to which she agrees, and the two have sex for the first time.

They’re not the only one forming a family, with Sam officially deciding to be the father to Becca’s baby. She doesn’t the reputation of being a “slut” and Sam says he’d never let that happen. Plus, he’s always wanted a child but being gay and stuck in a world without an adoption agency or access to surrogates has limited those options. He wants to be the father because he’ll love this baby regardless and Becca is his best friend. Once again, The Society is proving that Sam is actually the best friend everyone should want.

This episode closes with Allie giving Will a dose of reality. He, along with the others, pushed her into this role and this decision. She never wanted any of it and they’ve been using Cassandra to influence her. Will claims they didn’t have a choice but Allie points out all they’ve done is made it okay to kill each other. Then he says it was to avenge Cassandra and Allie rebukes this too. She says Cassandra is dead, and she highly doubts her sister is at peace knowing Dewey is too now. Allie did it because they asked her to but Will has ended their friendship by ever putting her in that position. The two part, and it becomes worrisome just how isolated Allie is making herself.

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Although it didn’t get that much attention, the Committee on Getting Home hasn’t made much headway. Bean and Gordie flew a drone up in the air to confirm they’re surrounded by forest with no signs of life. Their next mission is to see if the ocean is in the same place so they can discover if the topography is the same here. Sam is still hiding the Pfeiffer information but Becca and Gordie definitely think he has something to do with it.

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