Fear The Walking Dead season 5 premiere recap: Here to Help


Fear The Walking Dead returns with a bang…and a plane.

Fear The Walking Dead had its season five premiere this week–yes, that’s right, season five! It’s hard to believe that the show has already entered the fifth season. It feels like yesterday we were introduced to a group of people who were suddenly thrust into the middle of the zombie apocalypse.

The episode kicks off with two young kids, Dylan and Max trying to find refuge from the “growlers” during which a plane flies above them. Where did this plane come from? We have no idea, but it’s filled with our rowdy bunch of favorites. And rising out of the smoke of the crash is Alicia, offering her help to the kids while taking down walkers with a propeller blade.

The group was trying to make their way to someone named Logan, presumably a man that they were trying to help. But after the plane crashes, Al tries to reach out to Strand to tell him to find a tape labeled “Skidmark” because the guy from that tape has a plane they can use. Many will be happy to know who the person in this video is, but more on that later.

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As a result of the crash, Lucy is severely injured after being impaled with metal so June quickly gets to work trying to help her. Honestly, I thought she was a goner when they first showed her, but I guess not! Lucy lives to see another day–yahoo!

The plot thickens when the group learns that they landed in a rather unfortunate place. It’s not the most ideal place, and when the group of kids learns that the group functions just to help others out. Seriously, who has the time and energy to do that in the apocalypse?!

And as Morgan explains why they’re so saintly and friendly, the group runs into a barricade of walkers standing beneath a tree with hanging walker heads dangling above. Alicia and Morgan didn’t let this barrier prevent them from trying to make their way towards Logan, who they are more than determined to help, come hell or high water.

After arriving at the truck stop as Logan had instructed, the group soon learns that they’ve been betrayed. Surprise, surprise, didn’t see that one coming. We do finally learn that Logan is the old man that’s been in and out of scenes throughout the episode and he was once a partner in the trucking business. However, he didn’t agree with the whole helping people out the mission, and had no intention of changing his mind.

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Fear The Walking Dead gave us a pretty interesting start to the fifth season, and it makes me curious as to where the story will take off from here. I say this because as the episode came to a close, Victor ends up finding the video Al asked him to, you know, the one labeled “Skidmark”. And guess who it is a video of? DANIEL SALAZAR! What the what?!

Oh, and Al ends up getting knocked out by a mystery person while looking around the crash site. She finds a symbol many will recognize from Rick Grimes’ final episode. What does it all mean!? Looks like we’ll find out that and more on this season of Fear The Walking Dead.

Fear The Walking Dead airs every Sunday on AMC at 9 PM EST!