Good Omens season 1, episode 4 recap: Saturday Morning Funtimes


Adam begins to change as his powers start to manifest on Good Omens. Aziraphale is conflicted between his duty to Heaven and his friendship with Crowley.

Adam dreams impossible things into reality, like the rise of the lost city of Atlantis and Tibetan surveillance tunnels. His friends are starting to worry about Adam. He’s changing and knows that whether what he’s reading is true or not, what he says makes them true on Good Omens.

Aziraphale is still hoping for some way to stop Armageddon and decides to try to contact God directly. Meanwhile, Heaven is starting to doubt his loyalty and find records of him having met with Crowley over the years. Michael contacts Hell to ask if Aziraphale is working with them and in the process casts doubt on Crowley. Their secret friendship is out.

Crowley tries to decide where to run away to and laments that all it took for him to become a demon was simply to question the plan – which doesn’t make him evil, simply capable of independent thought; which would have made him a terrible angel.

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The Summoner delivers his package to Pollution, the modern day version of Pestilence. She takes her crown and leaves to meet the others. The Summoner’s last job is to deliver a message to Death (Brian Cox), but must first die in order do so. This is a man who is very dedicated to his job. The message is: Come and see.

Newton heads for Tadfield and witnesses the landing of a UFO by the side of the road. He stops to speak with the visitors, who deliver to him a message of universal peace and harmony; another inadvertent creation of Adam’s imagination. Anathema prepares for the prophesied arrival of Newton to Tadfield. His car swerves off the road to avoid hitting the tunneling Tibetans. Adam and his friends pull him from the car crash and bring him to Anathema for help. Anathema tells him about the apocalypse, but before they can set out to try to stop it they are trapped in the house by a sudden tornado. Faced with a possibly deadly situation, they have sex while hiding under the bed.

As Armageddon draws near, the Kraken rises from the ocean and extremely unpredictable weather patterns occur. The demons prepare the Fields of Megiddo for the final battle of the apocalypse but realize immediately upon meeting him that Warlock Dowling is not the anti-Christ after all. Adam’s behavior becomes extreme and controlling. As his friends become afraid of him and begin to resist his demands, Adam uses his powers to force their compliance.

Crowley tries one more time to get Aziraphale to run away with him, but Aziraphale hopes to appeal to God to try to stop the apocalypse. Crowley returns home and prepares a trap for the demons he knows are coming to get him, killing one with holy water and trapping the other in his antique answering machine (Its complicated. All you need to know is that demons aren’t bound by the laws of physics and that a chase takes place through the telephone lines.). Aziraphale had called Crowley to tell him where the anti-Christ is, so Crowley takes off to meet him.

Aziraphale is confronted by the leaders of Heaven and is ordered in no uncertain terms to return to Heaven and take command of his garrison. When he contacts God, he is answered by Metatron (Derek Jacobi), who proves similarly unhelpful. This is what inspires Aziraphale to reach out to Crowley to tell him where the anti-Christ is. During this exchange with Metatron, Shadwell arrives and believes Aziraphale to be possessed.

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Shadwell advances on Aziraphale as he performs a kind of exorcism, but the door to Heaven is still open and Aziraphale pleads with him to stay away from it, knowing it would be fatal for him to step into it. In the process, Aziraphale accidentally steps into the circle and is discorporated as he is sent to Heaven. Shadwell, delusional as he is, believes he has exorcised a demon with his bare hands. As he leaves the shop in shock, a candle blows over in the draft and sets the bookshop on fire.

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