The Handmaid’s Tale season 3 premiere recap: Night


The Handmaid’s Tale is back with the third season, and things are as grim as ever.

The Handmaid’s Tale wasted no time getting us back in the thick of things as it picks up where we last left June. If you recall, June sent off her baby girl with Emily and decided to stay back in Gilead to continue the resistance and save her other daughter. As she tries to make sense of what she just did, Commander Lawrence drives up next to her and asks her to get in before anyone sees her. But June is not about that life, instead, she wants to get Hannah and then try to run towards Canada.

Since he helped Emily, June is expecting Lawrence to help her out too even though it could result in his death. Surprisingly, he agrees to help her out which only makes me wonder what his intentions are. As June arrives at Commander McKenzie’s home, she runs upstairs to get Hannah but doesn’t get far at all before the cavalry comes in to stop her. But before they can take her away, Mrs. McKenzie asks to speak with June. They have a rather emotional conversation and relate to each other as mothers.

But it’s a bit jarring to hear Mrs. McKenzie tell June to stop doing whatever she’s trying to do because it will only result in June’s death, possibly in front of Hannah. Please, The Handmaid’s Tale don’t you dare ever do that to us!

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Back at the Waterford house, Nick learns that Serena knows about June running away and is making sure Fred doesn’t learn about anything, not yet at least. Of course, they’re surprised to see June brought into the house and when Fred learns the baby is gone, things don’t go quite well. Instead of answering to a screaming Fred, June tells Serena that the baby is fine and safe.

Let’s just say Serena isn’t thrilled to hear that June sent the baby with Emily, someone she considers a murderer. June does not hesitate to state that she has another daughter from whom she was ripped away and how Serena feels is just a fraction of that pain. Damn, June, damn.

Serena isn’t the only one that’s upset with June, however. Nick is pissed off that an elaborate plan was concocted to get June to freedom and she so easily let it go. I hear you, Nick, that’s a bit frustrating.

Meanwhile, Emily is crossing water and land to make her way to Canada with a baby in tow. I’m not sure how they made it the way they did without one of them dying but hey, it happens! Despite the drones and people out looking for Emily, she makes it onto Canadian territory and asks for asylum after a group of people find her and urge her to ask for it.

The Handmaid’s Tale chugs along as Fred tries to come up with a cover story for why their baby and Emily have suddenly gone missing. He basically plays it off as Emily going insane and running away with the baby after taking down Aunt Lydia. Serena does try to chime in and tell Fred that she was part of the plan and allowed June to take the baby but come on, it’s Fred we’re talking about here. There’s something a bit sinister about the end of their conversation but we’ll get to that in a moment.

Actually, let’s get to it now. SERENA LIT THE ROOM ON FIRE, FOLKS. She. is. done.

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Back in Canada, Emily and the baby are ushered in and immediately taken care of. It’s a bit scary and overwhelming for people to actually care about her and for her rather than the life she’s used to in Gilead. But hey, she’s in Canada now! And guess who else is there? Luke and Moira! Luckily, they all cross paths as Emily approaches Luke and tells him that June saved her life. Aw, man. What a moment!

In Gilead, June has to apologize to the McKenzies for storming into their house. However, words don’t suffice when you live in a place like Gilead, there needs to be physical punishment which in June’s case is some sort of burn to the bottom of her feet. But it all became worth it when June gets the message that Emily and the baby got to Canada safe and sound.

And with June’s punishment comes her new assignment–Commander Lawrence. Well, this just got interesting.