The Handmaid’s Tale season 3, episode 3 recap: Useful


It’s all about Serena in the third episode of The Handmaid’s Tale!

The Handmaid’s Tale uses episode three of the third season to focus on Serena in the aftermath of giving Nichole away. Things have not been easy for her and she’s definitely been living in the midst of struggle central. And who can blame her? I mean, yes, she’s the one who started this whole Gilead mess, but seeing her heartbroken over losing Nichole does hurt a little bit.

Meanwhile, June is trying to make sense of all this Martha business and returns home to find that they’re getting ready for a big meeting. It appears things aren’t progressing as quickly as they’d like because many of the resistance members are dead. That’s rather unfortunate.

I have to point out how hilarious and ballsy it is that Commander Lawrence makes the other Commanders come to his house so he doesn’t have to go anywhere. Anyway, it’s the meeting that the Marthas were getting ready for, and of course, with the Commanders, it means that Waterford will be present too. Ugh.

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And as fate would have it, June and Waterford end up alone for a fleeting moment that gives her enough time to ask about Serena and her well-being. Oh, and also get a scoop on Commander Lawrence who Waterford says was instrumental in creating Gilead.

As the Commanders begin their meeting, we overhear that they’re discussing “salvaging” which sounds so frightening that I’d rather not learn what it means. Of course, the conversation veers into gender differences and capabilities which Lawrence uses to make June feel bad about her past job—an editor. He’s just a horrible, miserable old man, isn’t he?

The sassiness between Lawrence and June continues on The Handmaid’s Tale as June tries to confront him about not helping her like he did Emily. You see, he doesn’t exactly think the world of June and reminds her of all the horrible things she did pre-Gilead, including sleeping with Luke while he was a married man. Our dear June retaliates by informing him none of this chaos would have ensued had it not been for him and his genius idea to create Gilead.

Suggesting she join him for a drive, Lawrence ends up taking June to some holding pen where women are locked up in cages. These women are to be sent away to the Colonies the next morning, and he gives June the task of selecting five of them to be Marthas. Talk about savage! However, June refuses to engage in this sick game and feel bad for something Lawrence is responsible for.

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While Nick informs June that he’s heading off to Chicago, The Handmaid’s Tale checks in with Serena who has holed up at her mother’s house. Her mother and her friends come together in prayer asking for Nichole’s safe return home, but we all know she is as safe as she could be. And speaking of Serena’s mother, she refuses to let Serena vent about how horrible Fred is. In fact, she thinks that her daughter is just acting bratty and entitled, and can’t have a life without Fred. Calm down, woman!

The next day, June finds Serena at Lawrence’s home and she wastes no time in telling Serena that they can’t trust them. But it might be too late for Serena, who is giving up–but not if June has something do with it. I’m not sure why seeing Serena sparked a fire within June but she ultimately picks out the five women to be Marthas and then proceeds to tell Beth their resistance is growing. The five new Marthas coming in are a lawyer, thief, engineer, journalist, and an IT specialist.

Way to pick them, June!

And if that episode wasn’t intense enough, then June’s comment that closes out this The Handmaid’s Tale episode is: “We’re coming for you. Just wait.” Uh oh. The male population of Gilead best watch out!