Fear The Walking Dead season 5, episode 3 recap: Humbug’s Gulch


Fear The Walking Dead meets The Walking Dead once again–and it’s glorious.

Fear The Walking Dead is three episodes into the season, but it’s already shaping up to be a great one. Once again, Colman Domingo was in the director’s chair leading the charge on the episode, and as always he did an amazing job. This week’s episode, “Humbug’s Gulch” starts off with some of the group clearing out the zombie roadblocks strategically placed around the vicinity they’ve been in.

They’re hoping that this will lead them to Al and the kids but as they grow closer with each step, the dangers begin to increase. And of course, John manages to jinx them when he says that whatever or whoever is building these barriers is someone to be frightened of. Within seconds, gunshots begin to fire as June and John make a narrow escape and drive until they reach a small western town attraction.

It turns out that John used to work at a place just like it, and I have to say, I can totally see that. Before they can do much at all, a massive dust storm breaks out as they seek shelter inside of a brothel. They’re able to find some weapons (phew!) but are in disagreement over whether or not they should brave the storm outside. John believes they should despite June’s reluctance and it winds up bringing them face to face with a familiar face–Dwight.

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You all remember Dwight from The Walking Dead, right? Well, he’s trekked his way across the country and landed right smack dab in the middle of Fear The Walking Dead in pursuit of his wife. You see, she’s been leaving him messages and he’s been trying to follow her tracks but has been unsuccessful so far. Her last message brought him to the van that June and John had been driving and had found at the campground.

At first, Dwight is very quick to put up his guard and try and attack John and June. After June knocks him unconscious and tends to his wounds, he finally wakes up and learns that the two of them have good intentions to help. In fact, they too were once separated and kept their hope of finding one another alive, and believe that Dwight should hang onto that hope too.

As the three of them make plans to get out of the brothel and through the herd of walkers, Dwight decides to run in the opposite direction and jump into June and John’s car, which has flat tires. This is the point where we learn he was trying to find the next note from his wife, but he hadn’t found anything at all in the car. Well, that’s because it wasn’t the car she was driving, as it turns out.

John double checked the registration and it turns out that the VIN didn’t match the note that Dwight had been carrying around. Maybe there’s hope yet, Fear The Walking Dead fans! Unfortunately, when June and John found the van, there wasn’t anyone alive walking about, so there is that slight issue.


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While out taking down the walker barriers, Alicia and Lucy manage to get in touch with the kids over the walkie-talkie and attempt to go find them. They don’t get very far before their car’s tires are punctured from nails in the road. Luckily, Morgan is in contact with them and shows up shortly after. Later that night, everyone managed to reunite with June and John to figure out the game plan. Of course, the most important reunion here is between Dwight and Morgan who finally cross paths! Yay for reunions!

Just as the two reunited, Alicia got a call from the kids on the walkie-talkie informing them of where they’d be. But when the group arrives, they find Dylan laying inside of the car all bloody and beat down. What the heck happened?! Well, brace yourselves, Fear The Walking Dead fans, because a plot twist we didn’t see coming hit us pretty hard.

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Just as the group stumbles across Dylan, the scene shifts to the other kids setting up the walker barriers and adding to it. So, THEY were responsible for it this entire time?! It doesn’t help that Annie wonders if the group bought it and both she and Max debate over whether Dylan will be able to keep up the facade. Dang, I definitely did not see that coming!

Who are these kids? Why are they acting so evil? And what’s their deal? Let’s hope we find out in the coming weeks–because this is a mystery I need to know more about!

Fear The Walking Dead airs every Sunday on AMC at 9 PM EST!