Big Little Lies: Are things “too good to be true” for Jane?


Episode two of Big Little Lies introduced new conflicts for many of the “Monterey 5.” Are things “too good to be true” for Jane?

Heading into season two of Big Little Lies, the primary conflict seemed likely to center around whether the truth would get out about Perry’s death. With the Meryl Streep-portrayed Mary Louise snooping around in episode one, this certainly seemed to be the case.

Although Mary Louise definitely didn’t stop snooping in episode two, a much wider web of conflicts began to take shape. Here’s a brief rundown of what each of the “Monterey 5” is currently dealing with:

Madeline: Ed discovers that Madeline cheated on him and says they’re “done.”

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Renata: Renata’s husband is arrested for “finance crimes,” putting her wealth in jeopardy.

Celeste: Celeste’s issues in episode one carry over and evolve in episode two. She has to deal with the snooping Mary Louise, who learns that Perry is Ziggy’s father, and has to explain this to her kids as well (who continue to exhibit some violent tendencies). One doesn’t have to look far to find a wide array of problems Celeste has to deal with.

Bonnie: Bonnie’s internal conflict is largely the same as in episode one. She’s still struggling to cope with the role she played in Perry’s death.

Jane: Things have been almost too good for Jane in season two. Episode one shows her handling things better than maybe anyone else, exemplified best by her “dancing on the beach” scene. She even has a potential love interest in “weird Corey.”

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It’s not as if Jane has no problems emerge in episode two, but they seem to be largely resolved by episode’s end. With the truth of Ziggy’s actual father getting out, she is forced to have a super tough conversation with Ziggy about who Perry was and what “assault” is. By the end of the episode, however, Celeste’s boys are playing with Ziggy, and the unconventional family unit seems to be on good terms.

If there’s a conflict for Jane that is unresolved, it’s that Mary Louise now knows that Ziggy is Perry’s son. She doesn’t believe Jane was assaulted and could potentially drag her into the mess.

Still, it feels as if another conflict might inevitably enter the picture for Jane, potentially one connected to Corey. Perhaps their relationship will slowly blossom and no issues will arise. But in a show with so many star actors, it would be strange to spend too much time on this relationship if nothing “significant” comes of it.

If Big Little Lies had a chance to be a five-plus season series, taking the time to slowly build Jane and Corey’s relationship would make more sense (there would be more time). But with even the prospects of a season three being up in the air, it seems there’s little need for any “long-term” plot development.

If the relationship with Corey does end up producing conflict, what could it be? The most extreme outcome would involve Corey being some sort of undercover detective who eventually tries to pry information from Jane. Although there are likely crazier theories out there, this doesn’t seem particularly likely.

It’s possible he could betray Jane’s trust in a different way, however. The fact that Corey recognized Jane as a member of the “Monterey 5” implies he might have an above-average level of interest in the case. If Jane were to confide in him about what really happened, perhaps he would let the information slip (perhaps without cruel intentions).

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Lastly, it’s at least worth considering whether the “Corey relationship” could instead become significant in a positive way. Maybe he will do something crucial to help Jane later in the season.

Overall, Jane and Corey’s relationship has provided brief moments of levity, and it’s possible this will continue to be its purpose in a (potentially) darkening show. It seems likely, however, that something significant will arise from their interactions. The show can’t afford to “waste” screen time (sorry Corey).

What do you think of Jane and Corey’s relationship? Let us know that and all your Big Little Lies thoughts in the comments!