Los Espookys season 1 premiere recap: El Exorcismo (The Exorcism)


HBO’s Los Espookys premiere introduces its main characters, who start a horror-for-hire business. It appears that business is booming.

Los Espookys is a new multi-lingual horror-tinged comedy from HBO, which seems to be a hit among critics. The premiere episode begins with some downbeat organ music at a unique, horror-themed birthday party.

Who is responsible? Renaldo (Bernardo Velasco) and his creative team: Úrsula (Cassandra Ciangherotti), Tati (Ana Fabrega) and Andres (Julio Torres). Renaldo’s uncle, Tico (Fred Armisen), is impressed with the horror aesthetic and tells him he should do this full-time. Thus the seed for Los Espookys is planted, and the group get business almost instantly.

The first client

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Before the group even has a name, Renaldo is contacted by Father Francesco (Luis Gnecco) about a project at Santo de la Guardia orphanage. What’s the problem? The church has new Priest, Father Antonio Valenzuela (Cristobal Tapia Montt), who is robbing Francesco’s spotlight!

So, Francesco proposes staging an exorcism to revitalize interest in the church and his own abilities. Because the devil hasn’t possessed any orphans, they’ll need a news personality, dry ice and other gimmicks to make it work.

They find a news personality, Gregoria Santos, who is revealed to nearly be an automaton. In any case, she is attending a “Boingo party,” which is a chance at promoting the exorcism. At the party they give Gregoria a prop head (looking exactly like Renaldo), telling her the man was decapitated by a possessed child.

They pull off the exorcism nicely with a rope and pulley system, so the possessed girl can “fly.” The flying, rotating girl’s performance is enhanced with a light show, vomit, and Francesco’s theatrics. At the end of the day, Father Francesco gets his story! Also, after someone calls them, they create the name “Los Espookys.” Their next project will involve a classic haunted house/inheritance scheme.

Other details

Los Espookys has a few fun facts about its characters. We learn that Andres Valdez was adopted and has a dark reputation. We also learn his partner, Juan Carlos (José Pablo Minor) doesn’t want him to do these projects. He much favors Valdez’ family background in the chocolate industry.

When it’s revealed that Úrsula works in a dental practice and her boss chides her for being distracted, Andres mentions his “little arrangement” with that profession: “We make the chocolate. The chocolate makes the cavities, and the cavities put a roof over your head.”  It’s a silly and subtle form of blackmail, and a nice slice of the humor in Los Espookys.

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We also learn that Tati works at an orphanage (and claims to be indestructible), while uncle Tico is the only person who can park two cars at the same time! Not much is known yet about Renaldo, other than that he’s a horror fan and sort of the de facto leader of the group. It will be interesting to see what future scares are in store.

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