Gaiman responds to blundered petition to cancel Amazon’s Good Omens


The Christian group Return to Order has started a petition to get Good Omens cancelled for its blasphemous material, but hilariously misses the mark.

A Christian group called Return to Order has started an online petition to have Amazon’s new hit show Good Omens cancelled, citing its blasphemous and satanic material. (Angel and Demon are friends, Antichrist is a normal boy with powers, God’s voice is a woman⁠—you know, the usual.) The petition has 20,000 signatures with a goal of 35,000. However, according to a report from IndieWire, Return to Order has made a few fundamental blunders along the way.

First of all, Good Omens is a special event miniseries, with no further seasons planned after the initial run of six episodes. Showrunner and writer Neil Gaiman has even confirmed that “at the end of six episodes, it’s done.” But the big mistake came when the group addressed their petition to Netflix rather than Amazon.

Reactions and responses were predictably ironic and hilarious, with Gaiman and the respective streaming services top of the game.

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Gaiman simply tweeted, “I love that they are going to write to Netflix to try and get #GoodOmens cancelled. Says it all really.” And it does say everything about how closely these viewers are paying attention to their content. If they don’t even know what streaming service to issue their complaints to, how can they possibly be critical viewers of the series itself?

Most will recognize that Good Omens has layers of meaning and that the supernatural storyline is only the most surface level interpretation. The situation is all the more delightfully ironic for feeling like something pulled straight from the world of the book.

Netflix and Amazon have also responded to the organization’s complaints. Amazon tweeted to Netflix and promised to stop making Stranger Things (a Netflix show), if they stop making Good Omens. Netflix UK tweeted the internet equivalent of an ironic shrug and said, “Ok we promise not to make any more.” On Return to Order’s end, they issued a statement saying that the mistake was due to a staff oversight. “We regret the mistake, and the protests will be delivered to Amazon when the campaign is complete.”

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Good Omens was released on Amazon Prime on May 31 and is based on the classic novel by Neil Gaiman and Terry Prachett. The series stars David Tennant and Michael Sheen as the demon and angel friends Crowley and Aziraphale. Also starring is Jon Hamm, Michael McKean, Miranda Richardson, Jack Whitehall, Sam Taylor Buck, Adria Arjona, Frances McDormand, Mireille Enos, and Nick Offerman.

(Source: Indiewire)