Euphoria season 1, episode 2 recap: Stuntin’ Like My Daddy


Euphoria gets better but still just okay.

In its second episode “Stuntin’ Like My Daddy”, Euphoria probably made a record for showing most penises in a TV Show within one minute by a landslide. But that was not even the most shocking moment of the episode.

The episode starts with Rue narrating Nate’s story. Back when Nate was a kid, he saw his dad’s sex tape collection. His dad would have rough and wild sex with people and he would record them. Every video was just about the same. And ever since then he has this phobia of penises. And that is one of the reasons he doesn’t want to have boys after marriage. But despite that, he still managed to have a good relationship with his dad.

One of the things that I liked about this episode was those 10-minutes where we got to see Nate’s backstory and get a good look at his psyche. We continue to explore this character throughout this episode and it was interesting, to say the least. Jacob Elordi was great in his part.

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We also find out that Nate doesn’t like his mom and brother for being weak. And he also has a particular choice when it comes to girls, one of them being he likes them hairless, and that’s where Maddie comes into play. He also liked the fact that Maddie was a virgin. Nate is overly protective of her and he even fantasizes about gunning the person who will ever hurt her.

The episode then cuts to Zendaya’s Rue and Hunter Schafer’s Jules, who have now become best friends after the incident at Mckay’s party and getting high after it. Later at school, Rue is called up on stage during her drama class and is asked to share a memory from summer, we get a bunch of flashbacks from the summer including Rue waking up in the hospital while her sister and mom are sleeping by her bed, and then we also see Rue singing in the car with her family but she is unable to talk about it and storms out of the class to get high in the bathroom. Where she is startled by Lexi.

We see a lot of flashbacks of Rue consuming drugs and what led to it during “Stuntin’ Like My Daddy”, and it’s all sad but even after that, Rue comes off as a quite unlikable character.

We also see more of Jules and Rue’s friendship, which were my favorite parts of the episode as both Hunter Schafer and Zendaya have such good chemistry together, those scenes manage to stand out on their own.

On Rue’s way home, it’s raining. So she stops at Fezco’s place for more drugs. He tells her to leave cause his suppliers are coming and they are dangerous people but Rue doesn’t listen to him. It is too late and the suppliers got there, their leader is a creepy old dude who offers Rue some fentanyl. Fezco keeps asking him to leave her alone. Rue doesn’t want it either.

She ended up tasting it and the whole situation got out of hands quickly. But Fezco somehow manages to pay them enough money so they won’t bother Rue and leave. Rue on the other hand is not feeling good so Fezco calls Jules to take care of her.

She brings Rue to her place and puts her in the bed and starts texting with “ShyGuy”, the new guy from the dating app who actually kinda seems nice.

Meanwhile, on the school, somebody releases a video of when Kat lost her virginity. She somehow managed to convince the whole school and the principal that she’s not the girl on the video. But even after all that the video is still on PornHub, cause once it’s on the internet, it is there. But she actually gets excited about it reading the comments on her video and seeing the number of the views and ends up signing up for a WebCam account.

Throughout the episode, Nate is stalking Tyler, the guy Maddie had sex at McKay’s party. Maddie says she blacked out and it was an accident. So now, Nate thinks that Tyler raped his girlfriend. He breaks into his apartment and beats him to half death and blackmails him saying he raped a minor, so he can’t go to the police and must take the beating.

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When Nate is done, he takes a shower and dresses up in Tyler’s clothes while Tyler is there, half dead. Creepy AF, right???

We find out at the end of the episode that ‘ShyGuy’ is actually Nate who tells Jules his name is Tyler.

Euphoria gets a bit better this episode. What did you think of this installment of Euphoria? Comment below and let us know!