Netflix’s Dark season 2, episode 5 recap: Lost and Found


The identity of Adam has been revealed! As he and Jonas discuss possibilities to break the time cycle, what happens to the rest of Winden’s people in Dark?

Jonas Kahnwald landed up in 1921 and met Adam, the man that the 2052 version of Jonas is on a mission to stop. But things became a bit confusing when Adam revealed that he was another version of Jonas himself! In episode five of Dark season two, young Jonas wakes up in Adam’s home still demanding a way to return home.


Two days before the apocalypse, Katharina Nielsen tries to talk to her remaining children. Hannah Kahnwald and Charlotte Doppler shared the reality of Katharina’s son’s whereabouts – Mikkel was stuck in 1987, destined to grow up to be Hannah’s husband and Jonas’ father. Meanwhile, Katharina’s husband, Ulrich was imprisoned in the 1950s. Katharina is desperate to share this crazy news with Martha and Magnus, but Martha refuses to engage with her mother. Katharina has been reclusive for months, and now her children are giving her the same treatment.

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Alone again, Katharina goes to the source. She asks after Jonas, but he’s disappeared on Hannah, and he’s taken the time machine with him. Katharina and Hannah have always had a rivalry, and now Katharina is even more bitter considering Hannah’s husband was Katharina’s son, and Hannah also had an affair with Katharina’s husband Ulrich. Before the two of them can come to blows, Clausen arrives to interrogate Hannah.

Clausen knows that everyone in Winden is lying to him, he just doesn’t know if they’re lying about the same thing. He asks Hannah why Aleksander Tiedemann is sending her money when she isn’t providing him a service – she says he’s supporting her because her son has disappeared. Clausen doesn’t look like he believes her.

Charlotte Doppler has been concerned that she is somehow involved in the time machinations of Winden. She lived with Helge Doppler, who everyone considers her grandfather, but Charlotte never knew who her parents were. Among Helge’s belongings, Charlotte discovered an image of herself with H.G. Tannhaus, as well as blueprints to create the time machine.

Her search is interrupted by Noah. He shows Charlotte a picture of herself as a baby, telling her that she was born premature, and given little chance of survival. But she lived and Noah promised to bring her back to her mother. He refuses to reveal her mother’s identity, but Noah is livid that Adam has known of Charlotte’s whereabouts but never told Noah. He wants to stop Adam now. Charlotte is left a wreck, but who could her mother be?


Claudia Tiedemann knows her future and her family’s future. Now she’s doing everything she can to hang on to her loved ones. She continuously reschedules work appointments to be with her family, and in this episode of Dark, Claudia visits her ailing father and asks him to move in with her and Regina. Egon is touched.

Claudia later reaches out to the former owner of the power plant about some numbers that have been bothering her since season one. He shows her his findings and that’s when she realizes that they have accidentally discovered the God Particle. She asks one of her lab technicians to study the particle that older Claudia had given her to insert in the time machine to confirm the theory.

Meanwhile, Ulrich, now an old man who has spent 33 years in prison, is desperate to find his son Mikkel. Egon told him that Mikkel was in 1987, so Ulrich mounts an escape. Ulrich makes it to Ines Kahnwald’s house and finds Mikkel there. Mikkel doesn’t recognize his father, but Ulrich reveals his identity and the boy embraces his father happily.

When Ines returns home, Mikkel is gone. She immediately calls Egon who puts two and two together and realizes Ulrich has kidnapped Mikkel. They and the police stop Ulrich at the caves and take him away. Ulrich is furious, threatening to kill Egon the next time he has a chance. Considering Egon dies under mysterious circumstances in 1987, does Ulrich follow through with his threat? Ines spikes Mikkel’s drink later that night, perhaps in the hopes that he puts his past behind him.

The Nielsen and Doppler children had left their former friend Bartosz in the caves, and they return to ask him about the time machine. After threatening to leave him to die, Bartosz finally turns the device on.  They emerge on the other side in 1987 and it takes a while for things to set in. As the children observe their surroundings, they do not recognize the old man being taken away by the police car. Ulrich’s helpless cries that he can see his children fall on deaf ears.

Adam and Jonas

Adam, who has been where Jonas is currently, does not give in to his younger self’s demands. The apocalypse that kills everyone Jonas knows doesn’t take place till June 27, 2020; so, Jonas technically has 99 years’ worth of time before he needs to return home. An unsettling thought for the young man.

Jonas is obviously terrified of the future that awaits him; he asks Adam if there’s a way to break the cycle. Adam’s answer does not help – it took him 66 years to find a way to escape the cycle, and now look at him.

Adam explains that he once couldn’t have imagined he would repeat the conversation they’re having, neither did he believe that he would want what his older self did. But 66 years and a whole lot of pain have changed his view.

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Adam shows Jonas a dark matter sphere created by his people in 1921 – it is a replica of the one that Jonas stabilized in 2052. If Jonas goes through this wormhole, he will end up in exactly the time he wants. He immediately thinks of returning the day before his father’s suicide. But Adam reminds him that if he stops Michael’s death, then Mikkel will never get trapped in time and Jonas will never be born. This sacrifice, though, will mean everyone else will live, including Jonas’ beloved Martha. That is enough incentive for Jonas to walk into the sphere.