Netflix’s Dark season 2, episode 6 recap: An Endless Cycle


We return to the day before Michael Kahnwald died in the latest episode of Dark, and see how the events of the show were set in motion.

Jonas and Adam were convinced they could break the endless cycle of hell they were stuck in. To save the lives of everyone he loved, Jonas had stepped into a wormhole in the hopes of returning to the day before his father killed himself. Episode six of Dark season two, re-treads the hours before Michael Kahnwald took his life.

June 21, 2019

On the fateful day, Michael greets his son and wife with love but is unnerved by the reminder to attend Katharina and Ulrich Nielsen’s 25th-anniversary party. Then, when Michael sees his son grab his iconic yellow mac, he drops what he’s holding – is he remembering his past?

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It seems like Michael is a bit of recluse, refusing to leave his house, even though Hannah implores him. As she gifts the Nielsens a box of glasses, Mikkel – who is suffering from Rubella – asks to enter the Kahnwald home. Hannah gets a feeling of déjà vu as Mikkel walks past her. Inside, Michael tries to avoid Mikkel, but the boy spots him and then runs away.

Jonas is his young, carefree self, hanging out with his friends. While he pines after Martha Nielsen, Jonas discovers a pendant in the sand of St Christopher – the patron saint of travelers. This is the same pendant that the other Jonas has kept close to him in memory of Martha. In the previous episode, older Jonas of 2052, had broken into the Nielsen home to leave the pendant for Martha.

As 2019 Jonas leaves to help his grandmother Ines with her new tablet, time-displaced Jonas takes his place. He successfully traveled through the portal to return to the future, and now he steals a moment to be with Martha one more time. Does this mean Jonas will not try and stop Michael from killing himself and thereby stopping the cycle?

Aleksander Tiedemann is unnerved about a news article for an unsolved murder from 33 years ago. That’s when Aleksander came to Winden, so how is he involved? He asks Wöller to look into it for him confidentially.

The Nielsen Party

Everyone is really chipper to be at the party – or so it seems. Katharina and Hannah’s rivalry is a thing of the past (and the future), but Hannah still hates that Ulrich chose Katharina. She keeps staring daggers at the happy couple. Not a surprise, since Michael chose not to join her and Jonas. Jonas is delighted to see Martha, and because Martha is unaware that a different Jonas shared his feelings for her, she initiates their romance.

None of the Tiedemann’s have come to the party as Regina is holding her own event at her hotel. Poor Bartosz is stuck at a boring dinner, while the girl he likes – Martha – chooses another boy. Charlotte Doppler has also arrived solo after confronting Peter about his affairs.

While the party goes on, Mikkel calls his mother away to tuck him into bed. Meanwhile, a storm rages on, and Ulrich and Hannah make their first moves to start their clandestine affair. And it all goes downhill from there.

Michael’s Fate

While everyone is at the party, displaced Jonas heads to his home. He takes in the familiar surroundings when his father appears, asking why he isn’t at the gathering. Jonas embraces his father and tells him that he knows about Michael’s origins. Jonas begs his father not to kill himself, and Michael is astounded by the request. It’s apparent that Michael hadn’t even thought about it. Jonas gives away far too many details about Michael’s death – including the location, the method, and he even shows Michael the letter. Has Jonas accidentally set in motion the events that he was trying to stop?

Jonas asks Michael about the day he disappeared as a boy, and Michael’s answer horrifies him. The night Mikkel was lost in the caves, he was led there by Jonas. Not 2019 Jonas, but the one sitting before Michael. Michael believes that Jonas has returned to ensure he is born – he thinks his son plays a larger role in the scheme of things, so Michael’s sacrifice is insignificant. Jonas can’t believe his ears.

Just then, older Claudia Tiedemann appears. She explains that Adam lied to Jonas, and indeed sent him to 2019 to set events in motion and not the other way around. Jonas has to live, and eventually wage a war against himself. A world without Jonas, Claudia says, is even worse than one with him in it.

With one final embrace, Jonas leaves to lead Mikkel to his fate, while Michael writes the letter from Dark season one that will rock Jonas’ world.

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In 1921, two people confront Adam about deceiving Jonas. He is unphased and tells them to prepare for the last cycle. They do not say anything further, but the lady refers to her companion as Magnus. Could this be a future version of Magnus Nielsen and Franziska Doppler?

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