Light as a Feather season 2, episode 3 recap: …Sly as a Fox


Episode 3 of Hulu’s Light as a Feather season 2 explores the chrysalis curse even deeper, and it seems McKenna is under its control.

In the last episode of Light as a Feather, McKenna “Mack” Brady (Liana Liberato) and Trey Emory (Jordan Rodrigues) appeared to break up, as the chrysalis curse is negatively impacting her life. In fact, she had blacked out and woke up in a strange car. Pain, nightmares, hallucinations and blackouts arte becoming a pattern for her.

This time she awakens with scars on her knuckles and a tear on her jacket’s shoulder, indicative of a possible struggle. In an attempt to trace her own movements during blackouts, she sets a GPS tracker on her phone.

Meanwhile, Trey visits Alex (Brianne Tju) and her sister April (Alisa Allapach) to discuss how Mack is shutting them out. Alex says Mack acted similarly when her twin sister Jennie (Liberato) died. In a later scene, Mack acts weird to her mom (Robyn Lively) at around 3 a.m. When her mom asks her to go back to Dr. Schwartz (Christine Horn), she cancels to go to urgent care instead.

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Relationship stuff

Light as a Feather takes occasional breaks from curse stuff to look at relationships. Trey meets his ex, Sammi (Katelyn Nacon).  She wants him to play in her band, Bit of Decay, like the old days. It also is clear that she still likes him.

Also, Alex and Peri (Adriyan Rae) set up a Christmas tree, furthering Alex’s affinity with elves. Peri later asks April to ease up on Alex, saying that she still likes Alex despite her few controversies. In fact, she calls April “Miss Perfection.” It is an interesting point that, at some point in th average person’s life, they ought to be given a shot (or two) at redemption. So far it seems that Alex is doing okay in that regard.

On the darker side (again), Violet Simmons (Haley Ramm) meets Isaac Salcedo (Brent Rivera) — the man she previously hospitalized in a coma with her life-draining kiss. He has a flat tire and she offers him a ride. The problem is, it appears she may have been the one to knife wound his tires!

When discussing his coma he says he can’t remember anything, but suspects that she drugged him (yes, he says that to her, but she basically sidesteps his concerns). She says, “I’m still here for you, Isaac, and I want to help you remember.” Soon after that, Mack finds a picture of Violet with her parents, making her wonder what happened to them.

Mack’s encroaching darkness

When Trey shows up to play music with Sammi, it’s shown that she named her bird Little Trey, or “L.T.” for short. Not only does this show her continued interest in him, but it hints at a possible borderline obsession. She almost kisses him later but he backs out, obviously still interested in/concerned about McKenna.

Partly out of jealousy but also out of truth, Sammi informs him that McKenna had been “kissing other dudes” during their community service. Specifically she had kissed Ridge Reyes (Froy Gutierrez), who also has to do community service work.

Back at the work site, Mack learns that, during her recent blackout, she stole Ridge’s car shortly after she kissed him and punched him in the face! It’s also implied that, at some point, she rehashed the game of Light as a Feather with the group, only she doesn’t remember.

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Ridge is freaked out by similarities between them now and her apparent prediction of his death in the game. Backing away from her, he falls over and edge and gets impaled on a spike. Ouch! While Ridge is a short-lived and imperfect character, he may not have deserved such a fate. The question is, what fate will befall the other players in this new round of Light as a Feather?

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