Light as a Feather season 1 finale recap: …Slippery as an Eel


In the season 1 finale of Hulu original Light as a Feather, Violet is put under control. Still, can McKenna break the case?

Previously on Light as a Feather, McKenna (Liana Liberato), Alex (Brianne Tju), Henry (Dylan Sprayberry) and Trey (Jordan Rodrigues) confronted Violet (Haley Ramm). By this point, McKenna is looking for a peaceful solution to the curse, proposing that they all help each other. Still, they all have questions that only Violet can answer.

Interestingly, Violet could not see McKenna’s death during their original round of the Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board. The spirit of McKenna’s sister, Jenny (Liberato), protected McKenna from Violet’s predictive powers. Henry is still missing after questioning Lena Regan (Harley Graham), so McKenna must proceed without him.

Because Violet killed Trey’s pals in a curse, Trey doesn’t trust her. However, Mack knows she must replay the game, and consoles Trey with a kiss. The romance is broken up quickly, after Violet emphasizes that, since some of the original players are dead, they’ll need some of their personal items to represent them. Alex gets Candace’s (Ajiona Alexus) election speech, though it’s unclear what is used to represent Olivia (Peyton List).

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Light as a Feather, round 2

Violet insists she isn’t a bad person to McKenna, emphasizing that the curse didn’t give her much choice. However, throughout the season we saw more than a faint glimmer of wickedness in Violet. In fact, at times she was just plain witchy. It stirs an interesting question: Is Violet actually wicked, was it the curse, or a combination of both?

In any case, for added protection, McKenna brings her sister Jennie’s ashes to their little party, conveniently placed in an urn.

In starting round 2 of Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board, Violet mentions how McKenna “lost her balance and fell into the darkness.” It becomes clear that the game is threatening Mack’s life. Alex interrupts the story, tackling Violet to the floor. However, Violet knocks Alex unconscious with the urn of ashes, then puts an unconscious McKenna into a body bag.

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When Trey returns with Mack’s mom, Deb (Dorian Brown Pham), they rescue her, and believe the curse was swallowed up by Jenny’s spirit. Meanwhile, Violet is arrested outside, though apparently cured of the curse (there is no longer a rotting sore on her back).

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Later, with Henry and Lena Regan both still missing, McKenna visits Violet in what appears to be a youth detention center. The two don’t exactly hit it off, as McKenna brandishes a key and refuses to give it back to Violet. However, the joke may be on Mack now, as she is revealed to be the new carrier of Violet’s affliction. Will she be able to escape the curse, or must she begin a new round of the game?

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