Preacher season 4, episode 2 recap: The Last Supper

It’s “The Last Supper” on this week’s episode of Preacher. Cassidy tries to make an escape of his own, but will he go through with it? We’ve got the recap!

“The Last Supper” opens with God (Mark Harelik) walking out to enjoy his works with a nice mug of Diet Dr. Pepper. It’s the Jurassic Era. Plants and wildlife are large and in charge. There’s a double rainbow that excites God as much, if not more than, anyone else on Preacher. There’s one of those plant-eating dinosaurs with super-extendo necks that sneezes on people in Jurassic Park.

They are herbivores. They don’t eat meat, but, like puppies, they apparently eat their own poo poo. This giraffe-wannabe drops a thunderous and healthy plant-based deuce. As it starts to go in for a bite, god warns it not to. But the dinosaur eats a pile of poo and rips a deuce tainted burp across the landscape. At this point, God declares that the dinosaurs have been tested. The sky opens up as the meteorites hit the Earth’s surface and thus ends the Jurassic Era. But, so begins Preacher!

You in or What?

Cassidy (Joe Gilgun) is subjected to daily, repeated circumcisions. He chews his own leg off and beats his guards. Once he’s out of his cell, he assumes the identity of a Lab Technician (Luke Ha) and makes his way to the door, which is opened for him. But, Cassidy says that he forgot something. On his way back in, Toscani (Lachy Hulme) is on the same elevator. He’s recaptured. What’s up with Cassidy?

Tulip (Ruth Negga) is way in her feelings about Jesse (Dominic Cooper) leaving with nothing more than a letter. She decides to save Cassidy on her own. Her plans scare Kamal (Miritana Hughes), the manager of the Bar and Grail. Tulip still has a grail suit and wig, but that’s too dangerous. Instead, she’ll take the far safer route of driving her car into the front door of The Grail like it was a missile.

Kamal calls The Grail on Tulip and asks that they don’t hurt her because “Her husband just left her.” As Featherstone and company show up at the Bar and Grail, Tulip makes a run for it. When she’s finally cornered, Featherstone spins her around to find that it’s Kamal! He didn’t throw her under the bus! He was part of the plan! Tulip lures them out into the desert for some Twisted Metal. She spins up dust and defeats every Grail car and then disappears. As the wounded are brought back into The Grail, we see Tulip in her wig and Grail uniform. What a complex and awesome plan we have going here.

Walking to Memphis

Jesse is walking up the road to meet god at the phallic mountain. He doesn’t know where that is. But, it’s not at The Grail. Jesse thumbs a ride from an ex-porn actress turned chicken cooper (Virginia Gay). They stop so Jesse can help a kid crying over a dead dog (Kaan Guldur). When that pulls a gun on Jesse, the chicken coop trucker drives away.

Jesse isn’t scared of the kid, so the dog leaps up to threaten him. Aww. Such a good boy playing dead like that! Jesse uses Genesis to make the kid drop the gun. When he does, it goes off and shoots the dog in the face. Now the dog is dead and the boy is crying. He gives the kid his money, wallet, and boots in that order.

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When he finally makes it to the airport to go where that mountain most likely is, he realizes he left his lighter in the trucker’s cab. He tracks her truck down at a peculiar looking place owned and operated by a Jesus De Sade (James Smithers). What could possibly happen next?

Did you enjoy “The Last Supper?” Do you think the final season of Preacher is moving too slowly? Let’s discuss in the comments!