The Righteous Gemstones season 1, episode 5 recap, explained: Interlude


We are already on our recap and explanation of season one, episode five of The Righteous Gemstones, wow. And what a season it’s been so far; this installment is entitled ‘Interlude’.

After this episode there are only four more remaining of the hit HBO series The Righteous Gemstones, so let’s get right into it!

Beginning with a flashback to when the matriarch was alive, we see backstage management for an evangelical television production. Just as the curtain raises, Aimee-Leigh informed husband, Eli, she’s pregnant. Continuing in the 1980s, Judy and Jesse fight hilariously as they announce their third child. Both are unimpressed; Judy gives the conceited answer while her brother is candidly horrid.

A younger Baby Billy reacts badly to the news too, he is more concerned with the church’s planned tour. Though the couple cancels the event. Jesse is told off for arranged fights at school; he is assured his parents love him despite the anticipated new arrival. The Gemstones plan to expand its business operation. While Aimee-Leigh is troubled about her brother, Baby Billy but Eli says look after yourself.

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Judy’s birthday party is a large affair, she sits on a throne and gives harsh critiques over her presents. Her Uncle pleases her with the present of a children’s pink corvette, though her father doesn’t allow her to accept the gift.

Running away and joining the WWF – now WWE – is Jesse’s dream. He drinks beer with uncle Baby Billy, who used the time in an effort to turn the son against father. Drunken Jesse confronts his dad, telling him he’ll abuse his own unborn sibling, regurgitates and passes out.

Aimee-Leigh scolds Billy, softly, for the display; though he tries to have her reconsider about canceling the show ambit – she declines again. Billy is upset and uses emotional blackmail to finally persuades his sister to perform. When she notifies Eli, he is annoyed despite saying he’d support any decision she arrives at.

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Baby Billy and Aimee-Leigh perform ridiculously at their shows, it is quite the spectacle of stupefying talent. They plan to tour the South. However, she is distraught to learn that he sold half of their family’s land regardless of promising not to. Although, after he applies pressure, she agrees to give him a settlement but cancels the tour, again. Yet Billy shows his slow son compassion, occasionally.

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Meanwhile, at The Righteous Gemstones’ house, Jesse apologizes to Eli for his recent behavior. While at work, Dr. Eli Gemstone is challenged over his suggestions to his partner by Baby Billy, who believes that his brother-in-law never liked him.

As the episode ends, Billy is listening to a tape of himself and his sister singing as children; he sits outside rival church Locust’s Grove in modern times. Are you enjoying this very funny show? Tell us in the comments section.