Comedy series The Righteous Gemstones will be another HBO hit


HBO has another hit on their hands with comedy The Righteous Gemstones. Danny McBride, John Goodman and Adam DeVine lead a strong cast and show with potential to be great.

HBO has another hit on their hands with The Righteous Gemstones. A thoughtful but outlandish comedy – as one would expect from the pen of Danny McBride – which aims to lampoon conmen and women rather than religion itself. Albeit a religious setting usually makes for the most humorous contradictions.

To be honest, I consider This is the End my favourite comedy movie, so I’m at least influenced, if not biased, when it comes to the star and writer. Yet he certainly delivers a considerate caricature; as someone who grew of age in similar places of worship and has his talents should be able to. Eastbound & Down and Vice Principals are probably going to be surpassed here.

The Righteous Gemstones is exquisitely made

A quite excellent cast really carries the show toward a weirdly believable evangelical empire. If you’ve come across ‘Televangelism,’ you’ll know they are as sacrilegious as they are repugnant. Making profit from prophets – and perfect subjects.

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Obviously The Righteous Gemstones has McBride’s trademark slapstick offensive schtick, too, so it isn’t realistic in that sense. But the players are so authentic in southern drawl, enthusiasm and set/costume, viewers are enabled to feel the show vividly. Attention to detail is meticulous, which is to be expected with HBO.

As comedy pilots go, it isn’t the most terrific or funny I’ve seen. Occasionally, the humor or on-screen symbolism or nods and Easter eggs are intentionally subtle. That contrast is another definite McBride-esque style, mixing the shocking with dry comedic elements. Though it is funny, this isn’t a rollercoaster ride of belly laughs – it’s clever observational perception to a high degree.

What Gemstomes is, is a tremendous foundation on which to build a triumph of a comedy series. Though, it won’t be to everyone’s tastes – especially not Christian fundamentalists. However, it would benefit them, ironically, to watch the show.

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The Righteous Gemstones can be a slow-burner with a delicate air of contempt, without jokes in the traditional sense. Drama, tension and hilarity combine for elite television. In fact the final two scenes – a flashback and fracas – were exemplary.

The mirror the production holds to us all is an interesting ploy: we must only judge when we can be sure we are pure. Who can say that?! The Righteous Gemstones continues every Sunday evening on HBO.