Top Boy season 3, episode 5 recap, explained: Smoke Gets in Your Hands

Top Boy Season 3.. Image Courtesy Ross Ferguson/Netflix
Top Boy Season 3.. Image Courtesy Ross Ferguson/Netflix /

Netflix’s Top Boy is available to stream now. Here is Show Snob’s recap and explanation of season three, episode five.

Top Boy season three, episode five opens with a montage of Sully and Dushane’s currently successful and burgeoning operation. Afterward, the pair discuss Sully’s loss – Jason’s death is haunting him but Dushane says just enjoy the cash. Shelly and Dushane are getting closer as time goes by; he meets her and daughter Tish after a swimming race. She alludes to being interested in him – if  he changes his ways.

At the club, Sully feels old so leaves; Dushane makes sure Dris is taking his medication. Ats refuses lunch money due to subsidized school dinner. The ‘addicts’ are back giving Jaq and Dris intelligence because the Fields gang offered them as much cocaine and heroin as they want. Dris guesses it’s Leyton running fields, though Jaq is accurate by asserting it is new “youngers”. Dris is unhappy at being assigned surveillance as he is an assumed three-way partner.

At his daughter Tash’s school, Sully chats to his baby’s mother. She is in another relationship and pregnant. He wishes her happiness, while she invites him for dinner. Then the cousin Sully once kidnapped, Jermaine, arrives and asks for an apology – Sully responds negatively. They shake hands menacingly.

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Back at school, Ats is offered use of the washing machine by his teacher, who also witnesses him stealing lunch. The tutor informs Ats’ mum of the incident; she tells the staff member of her job loss. Meanwhile Dushane’s mum has been admitted to hospital, she is deteriorating yet survived a possible heart attack.

In the Fields territory, Jaq and Dris lookout for the new dealers from a civilian family’s apartment in a tower block. They decide Jamie is running things after witnessing him assert authority. Whilst Fields now separately know that Dushane and Sully are controlling Summerhouse again. Jamie orders them not to take revenge until he states.

Over the phone, Dris apprises Dushane of the information; though Sully is en route back to Ramsgate to stalk and severely injure one of the racist thugs who killed Jason. A front shop for Jamie’s connect, ran by the strange Lithe, is being watched by Jaq and Dris as the former enters. Lizzie is surprised that he sold everything she gave him.

Shelly explains that she doesn’t want a gangster’s moll’s lifestyle whilst evading Dushane’s advances. In the antique shop’s office, Lizzie describes knee-capping and punishment shootings to Jamie, counts his payment again, then has sex with him. She then indicates it was a one-time affair.

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Outside when leaving, Lizzie is abducted by Dris and Jaq. When the duo brief Dushane he commands them to get Jamie to meet him in the cafe on Summerhouse estate. Jamie and Dushane argue over who is the boss of the area; whilst notifying the latter of his group Zero Tolerance’s dominance, Jamie instructs Dushane that he will work for him. Seemingly caving, Dushane gives his opponent back the taken trafficker. When exiting Jamie reveals that Chris Hill, Dushane’s brother, told him about the request to borrow £10,000. That concludes episode five of Top Boy.