Top Boy season 3, episode 9 recap, explained: Everyone’s Got Family

Top Boy Season 3.. Image Courtesy William Richards/Netflix
Top Boy Season 3.. Image Courtesy William Richards/Netflix /

Welcome to Show Snob’s recap and explanation of the penultimate Top Boy installment – season three, episode nine: Everyone’s Got Family.

The penultimate episode of Top Boy begins with Sugar’s assassination at the behest of Dushane in retaliation for Donovan’s death. Sheanay executed the former by posing as a stripper and poisoning him in prison. Haze meets his demise at Dushane’s hands personally; thus concluding that Jamaican contingent’s involvement in East London drug dealing.

Sully and Dushane discuss being without a supplier now Sugar and Haze are gone; Dushane thinks her liberty will convince her to be their new trafficker and concede Jamie’s life. Jermaine essentially gives Dris an ultimatum: give me information on the Summerhouse crew or your daughter may become fatherless one day.

Lizzie is instructed to have Jamie attend a fake deal where he’ll be murdered by the Summerhouse gang; she is only concerned about the mess in one of her properties. Kit and Jamie discuss their Dushane and Modie problems; then the latter gets the invite from Lizzie.

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Ats’ mother is apprised of her son’s truanting. On the Fields estate, the two addicts working for Dris pretend to be drunk and get told never to come back by an aggressive local. Jaq beats up her sister Lauryn because she was dating Leyton and feeding him details about Dushane and Sully.

Lee and Sarah, the junkies, give Dris no intel but manage to get drugs on tick still. Back at Fields, Modie holds court with the ‘mandem’. He proposes killing the entire Summerhouse firm; Jamie warns him to be more careful or police will get him. Then Modie orders Jamie his rival for the ZT leadership to set-up a meeting with him and the ‘connect’.

Dushane informs Lizzie that she’ll have to be present for Jamie’s demise to put him into a false sense of security, or she’ll die too. She isn’t bothered anyway and agrees. AAfterwardJaq tells Dushane what Lauryn did; Jaq tries to protect her because he and Sully will kill her sister. Then Jaq is told she’ll meet her end too unless she finds her sister.

Meanwhile, Ats is rude to his mum and leaves for his dealing job. At Lizzie’s property, Sully makes the place ready for murder, as to not make the place dirty and leave too much DNA. Stef and Ats make-up. While hiding Lauryn, Shelly fails to convince Dushane not to let Sully know of her friend’s transgression.

Whilst their men prepare the weapons, Top Boys Dushane and Sully discuss their rise and future, which they see as much of the same. Subsequently, the duo allows Dris to leave and not participate in the hit, he is unimpressed. After that Jaq is told by Dushane that Lauryn is banished and Sully won’t be notified about her deeds if she doesn’t return.

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After counting Lizzie’s money, Jamie is picked up aggressively once more by Jermaine and Modie because they know, from someone, where Dushane’s safe house is. Consequently, the trio shoots the two Summerhouse henchmen but Sully and Dushane escape unharmed. Though Modie discovers Lizzie and they kidnap her from her previous kidnapping, concluding episode nine of Top Boy.