Top Boy season 3, episode 8 recap, explained: Bad Eye

Top Boy Season 3.. Image Courtesy Ross Ferguson/Netflix
Top Boy Season 3.. Image Courtesy Ross Ferguson/Netflix /

We now enter the final countdown as Netflix’s Top Boy reaches episode eight with two installments remaining following this recap and explanation.

At the start of Top Boy season three, episode eight Jermaine is conducting a meeting with a footballer, badly. He’s an agent for athletes but simultaneously holds obvious phone calls about nefarious business.

Tish surprises Dushane at her mum’s house because he isn’t dressed fully yet. Shelly and he have a conversation about their flourishing relationship. Ats says, unfairly, it’s Stef’s fault that they are indebted to Jaq – they have a fight before school. Jermaine leaves his client with the bill at a fancy restaurant and leaves.

Meanwhile the latter, along with his faction of the old Fields gang, enable Modie’s escape from custody. Jamie and the ZTs are worried to hear of their former leader’s freedom, as he is the new self-appointed leader and Modie will assume control by any means necessary.

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Dushane, Sully and their henchmen arrive at a safehouse but are unimpressed at the location the consistently inconsistency Dris has arranged because it’s a ‘bando’, basically.

Stef finds Jamie’s stash of cash in his bedroom and realizes his father figure and brother is a ‘roadman’ or drug dealer. Although Aaron says the elder provides for them and isn’t violent; understandably Stef is concerned for his sibling even with Aaron’s reassurance.

At his ex’s, Sully is reunited with his estranged daughter; though Tash takes time to warm to him. The couple is very accommodating to Sully. Next, Jermaine and Modie are also holed up somewhere secret; Modie risks his rearrest due to talking on the phone to the former’s annoyance. Modie also owes Jermaine money and says he’ll settle the debt when they kill Sully.

While that is going on, Sully reconnects with his daughter; their relationship is developing. Looking through social media, Dushane reminisces about his cousin Donovan. Dris arrives at the spot with no new information for his superior; he also uses his daughter as an excuse to leave early.

Lauryn gets a job as Shelly’s receptionist in a new beauty therapy venture. The Summerhouse crew discuss the intricacies of the ZT Top Boy and their supplier. Although Jamie is yearning after intimacy with Lizzie once more; yet she is only interested in their business arrangement. Lithe gets a visit from Dushane and Jaq but they are not there to shop but to extract details about the antique store front’s owner.

Whilst eating at a restaurant with his family and Aaron’s girlfriend, Jamie ensures two of his men watch over them. Lizzie’s home is invaded by Dushane et all. He wants the particulars about the ZT organization so to launch an attack, and possibly take the connection for himself. She is interested in saving her life and being Summerhouse’s supplier; offering a franchise.

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Following their meal, Jamie is abducted by Jermaine in a friendly manner in front of his family. Modie inquiries if Jamie is running the mandem now, with a gun pointed at the latter’s groin. He is menacing Jamie because he wants to be Fields’ Top Boy once more. Jamie says he simply stepped in while Modie was away.

Then Modie quizzes his fellow gang-member over Leyton’s whereabouts. Jamie lies, saying Summerhouse killed Leyton; he also tries to convince Modie that they are more organized now and can help him escape. However, Modie assures him he’s going nowhere and asks for the profit he’s been making. Over at Dushane’s squat-like temporary base, they have Lizzie tied up; he also talks to Sheanay in Jamaica about avenging Donovan.