Top Boy season 3 finale recap, explained: You Don’t Know Me

Top Boy Season 3.. Image Courtesy Chris Harris/Netflix
Top Boy Season 3.. Image Courtesy Chris Harris/Netflix /

We arrive at Netflix’s Top Boy season three finale, after a thrilling series. Show Snob is here once again to provide a recap and explanation of the episode.

At the beginning of the finale of Top Boy, Sully is convalescing at his ex’s house, as it turns out he was winged. Though she argues with Jaq as she doesn’t want gangsters there. Dushane and the former discuss whether Dris gave their address to the Fields leaders; along with how to kill Jamie.

Over at the Fields/ZT hideout, Jermaine arranges a dodgy doctor to heal Modie’s eye. Lizzie tells him that her suppliers won’t meet him; Modie insists she will reveal the persons eventually. Dris is picked up by Dushane and given disinformation to pass on to Jamie; they do this so he can be identified as their crew’s informer.

Modie gets treated by his off-duty doc, by being given some eye drops yet he seems to get more irritated when driving away. When armed police stop his vehicle, he goes to scratch his eye but the cops shoot him dead. Jamie tries to overpower Jermaine but he beats him and Lizzie. She stabs him then he attempts to strangle her; Jamie jumps back in. They all stop, oddly, to view the breaking news of Modie’s demise.

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Next, we see Lizzie crying in her bathtub. While Jamie checks the cameras at his home. Reuben is making bullets when Dushane pays him a visit; the latter wants Jamie’s home address although Reuben insists he doesn’t give clients’ details as a policy. However, Dushane reminds the arms dealer of the fact that they go way back. Not to mention his firm is loyal but the ZTs won’t be.

During a meeting, the ZTs are informed by Jamie that Jermaine won’t be getting involved in their business anymore and instructs everyone to try to eliminate Dushane. The addicts from Summerhouse are asked by Jamie to find anything out about Sully and Dushane then report it back. Ats is ordered by Jaq and Keiron to plant drugs in Jamie’s apartment.

A surprised Jamie lets Dris know that he will be finished when Summerhouse discovers his disloyalty; Dris still gives Jamie the fake intelligence. Afterward, Dushane sets-up Jamie by calling the police about the bag of illegal items that Ats stashed at his friend Stef’s home. Simultaneously Sully notifies Dris that they’re ready to ambush Jamie; though the pair watch the ZTs raid their cafe from a distance before Sully murders Dris for selling them out.

Arron argues with Jamie for getting he and his girlfriend arrested – they hug. Due to the way they framed Jamie, Sully is in turmoil; though Dushane believes a victory is a victory.

Because Ats was the one to betray Jamie’s family, Kit prepares to shoot the child with a shotgun. However, Ats’ mother fights off the gunman – nobody is hurt. Shelly tells Dushane his mum doesn’t want to see him for his involvement in Donovan’s death. Although she thanks him for enabling Lauryn’s departure from the area, also inviting him to see Trish’s next swimming race.

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This season of Top Boy almost comes to an end with a montage: Jaq manages her runners as well as using Lizzie as the connect. Romy and the guys get rid of some opposition from Summerhouse turf; Dushane laughs with his new dealers. Then everyone, including the boy who was covered with acid, party at the club.

The council announce plans to re-home some residents; Sully looks fondly at his happy daughter. Subsequently, Dushane offers to help free Jamie as an ultimatum because of the video evidence of Ats planting the illegal material at his home – if Jamie works for him. We discover the drug fiends are undercover police officers.