Silicon Valley season 6 premiere recap: Artificial Lack of Intelligence

Silicon Valley.. Season 6, Episode 1. Thomas Middleditch. Photo: Ali Paige Goldstein
Silicon Valley.. Season 6, Episode 1. Thomas Middleditch. Photo: Ali Paige Goldstein /

Silicon Valley kicks off its sixth and final season with a bang!

Silicon Valley is back, and unfortunately, this will be its final season. I’m absolutely not ready to say goodbye, and the season 6 premiere is a reminder of why. When the premiere kicks off, we catch up with a very successful Pied Piper. As you may recall, Richard managed to take over four floors of space that is owned by Gavin Belson’s Hooli.

It’s nice to see Thomas and the boys doing so well after so many failures. They’re finally kicking ass and killing it! And in typical Silicon Valley fashion, the episode starts with Richard sitting in front of Congress. Looks familiar, doesn’t it? The series is known for reflecting current issues into the show, and this is exactly what happens here.

Much like Mark Zuckerberg, Richard is being questioned about data collection. But he prides himself on the fact that Pied Piper doesn’t do what Facebook does. But being the nervous person Richard is, he asks to pace back and forth with the podium mic as he addresses Congress.

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Things are off to a rocky start when Richard first tries to talk but he turns things around quick. He kills the speech and has a party waiting for him when he gets back to the offices.

The manner in which this episode is filmed is pretty incredible because it gives you a sense of how much Richard and the boys have accomplished. They went from that dinky incubator to four floors of employees!

In all these changes, Jared has been thrown around quite a bit. He’s not working closely with Richard anymore and his new office is on the other side of the building. Nonetheless, Jared tries and tries to be as close to Richard as possible, which doesn’t bode well for him in the end.

Upon returning to the offices, Richard is ambushed with a huge reveal. Pied Piper does collect data through the gamer headsets. In fact, it records conversations which is Richard’s worst nightmare. Much to Jared’s surprise and dream come true, Richard confides in him to get help with the situation and Jared gives him not-so-great advice.


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What was his genius plan, you ask? Well, as it turns out, Richard found some incriminating recordings of Colin (who is responsible for this data collection debacle) and is hoping to use them to get Colin to stop doing what he’s doing. However, it backfires completely when Colin decides it would be a great way to data mine.

The funny thing here is that the data mining and Colin’s recordings are only a result of Gilfoyle’s A.I. creation, Son of Anton. The very same one that he uses to trick Dinesh through the whole episode, which makes for some hilarious moments like when Dinesh realizes Gilfoyle isn’t the one talking to him.

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When Dinesh realizes that Gilfoyle is using an A.I. to communicate with him, he asks for an A.I. Dinesh. Of course, this also backfires when the A.I. Gilfoyle and A.I. Dinesh communicate and the entire building shuts down. Oh Dinesh, when will you learn.

Silicon Valley airs new episodes every Sunday on HBO!