The Politician season 1, episode 3 recap: October Surprise

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Payton fights for his future, but it seems like The Politician has something else in store for him.

The Politician kicks off this episode with Payton trying to make his way into Harvard without his family having to donate millions of dollars. And much to Payton’s surprise, his arguments for admission actually get him a spot. But something tells me there are other things at play here that we will come to find out later in the season.

Payton may be celebrating getting into Harvard however, he comes home to learn that Alice has been cheating on him–with James. That ought to make a dent in the whole campaign!

Speaking of the campaign, Payton and Astrid are neck to neck, and at this point, it’s really anyone’s to win. Astrid’s running partner, Skye, is pretty pissed that she’s not trying to do something about it. So in her mind, the next logical step is to, kill Payton. Uh, what?

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We all remember Andrew, right? The very same Andrew who confessed to Payton that Infinity may not actually be sick? Well, he’s up to some funny business and decides to have Infinity’s boyfriend do something. You know, like make a sex tape to blackmail her with. Luckily for her, the recording is a fail.

We meet Astrid’s dad (Dylan McDermott) during this episode of The Politician, and suffice to say, he’s a jerk. But it also gives us some insight into who Astrid is and where she comes from. It also explains a trap that she falls right into courtesy of Team Payton.

Basically, James befriend Payton’s twin brothers and pretended to hate Payton. Then told a lie hoping that the brothers would tell Astrid, and they did.

With a blow to Astrid’s ego and campaign, Payton announced his new gun control policy (can he actually do that, though?). He’s going to buy all the guns and start legislation dedicated to River. Interesting tactic.


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Ricardo and Infinity’s sex tape never came to be, however, that particular tape had a recording of one of Infinity’s vacations. In the video, Infinity made a very offensive remark. Basically, if it gets out then Payton’s campaign is sure to hit a dead-end. And thanks to Ricardo, the video is leaked for all to see.

Learning of Ricardo’s betrayal, Infinity breaks up with him…and then he goes to Astrid’s house and kidnaps her. The Politician is all sorts of wacky right now, isn’t it?

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