The Widow season 1, episode 7 recap: Will


In episode 7 of Amazon Prime’s The Widow, Georgia tracks down her husband, but will things ever be the same between her and Will?

Previously on The Widow, Georgia Wells got closer to learning the truth about her husband, Will (Matthew Le Nevez). Also, Ariel (Ólafur Darri Ólafsson) paid a great cost for his return to the Congo. Now that Georgia has spoken to Will via Sidney (Yoli Fuller), General Azikiwe (Babs Olusanmokun) enters, shooting Sidney.

Understandably, Georgia and Martin Benson (Charles Dance) flee, and Georgia decides she must head to Rwanda to reunite with her husband. Interspersed between present-day scenes are glimpses into Will’s employment history with Judith Gray (Alex Kingston). He first took the job so he would not hurt his wife and his daughter, but it ended up separating them. The question is, can he be safely returned?

If that’s not enough, the child soldier named Adidja (Shalom Nyandiko) left while Georgia and Martin were away. While Martin tracks her down, Georgia takes a plane to Rwanda. When Georgia arrives at a place she believes Will is staying, she enters when an armed guard (Chancel Bukutshu) leaves. She happens to meet Will before long, much to his surprise. It turns out the armed man is working for Will, and all is not as it first seems.

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Will and Bello, a misleading partnership

Up until this point in The Widow, Pieter Bello (Bart Fouche) has alternately appeared uncaring or menacing. However, even his character isn’t so easy to pin down and categorize. We see that Will first met Bello seeking a cut of the man’s profits, offering further money laundering possibilities for Azikiwe’s coltan smuggling operation. He also confronted Judith about the coltan smuggling. It turned out to be profitable for Judith and Bello.

So, as a favor to Will, Bello told him not to board the fateful flight to Kinshasa, knowing that Azikiwe planned to bomb it. Why was it bombed? It was to kill a politician named Dikembe Rahema, who threatened the mining scheme. To make matters worse, it was Judith who had bought Will a ticket, so she most certainly knew it meant his death.

In other words, Judith is more than just someone who carelessly got swept up in things. She was, at least, in this case, willfully complying in the murder and assassination of Will, and likely anyone else onboard the flight. We also learn that Will had Pieter Bello check up on Georgia in the airport — rendering their meeting less a matter of plot coincidence.

In an odd semi-twist, Will ended up trapped in the Congo, hiding from Azikiwe near the coltan mine itself (which may have been effective due to Bello’s armed guards, who he planned to use to take over the operation from Azikiwe). To gain even more awkward sympathy for Bello, he partly took over the mine to pay for HIV treatment, setting up with Sidney. Granted, none of this justifies the use of child soldiers, but it does paint Bello as more human than 100% monstrous.

Will and Georgia’s future

Though Georgia Welles is technically no longer The Widow, she almost still is. While away for 3 years, Will made a life for himself working at a local farm. Will even had a kid named Fimi with a woman named Gloria (Balindile ka Ngcobo). Disappointed, unnerved and feeling like she wasted her time, Georgia tells Will that people are dead because of him (including, of course, Pieter Bello).

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As Georgia leaves, it’s unclear what the future holds, or if Will’s story will hold up to scrutiny. Was he as much of a passive victim in all of this as he suggests? As the episode ends, Adidja appears to meet Judith, who was previously presumed dead! However, if Will’s story is at all accurate, it’s obvious that Judith is capable of deceit and has numerous tricks up her aid worker’s sleeves.

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