Silicon Valley season 6, episode 2 recap: Blood Money

Silicon Valley.. Season 6, Episode 1. Jimmy O Yang, Josh Brener, Zach Woods. Photo: Eddy Chen
Silicon Valley.. Season 6, Episode 1. Jimmy O Yang, Josh Brener, Zach Woods. Photo: Eddy Chen /

Will Richard find his way out of the latest screw-up on Silicon Valley?

Silicon Valley is trekking its way towards the series finale, but it feels as if everything is going to fall apart before we get there. After the previous episode’s epic fail, Richard and co. are in a bit of a pickle. Of course, this all stems from the fact that Jared wanted to get back in Richard’s good graces, and was willing to go to any lengths to do so.

The recordings that Richard and Jared obtained from Colin’s tomfoolery are now being used against Pied Piper, and it’s all but out there that they dabble in data mining. This leads Richard to go back to their original stomping grounds where he reconnects with Jian-Yang and his motley crew of geniuses.

Later in this episode of Silicon Valley, Jared soon discovers just how deep the ads run in Colin’s Gates of Galloo. Any reference made to anything pops right up in the game, like a Domino’s Pizza store as soon as Dinesh mentions pizza.

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Talk about in your face ads, right?

It puts Pied Piper in a bit of a predicament though considering Colin is the reason they’re even doing as well as they are. And it’s not doing wonders for Richard and Jared’s friendship because Richard has seemingly lost it and Jared isn’t on board for whatever Pied Piper is now.

Can we blame the guy? He’s only ever been loyal.

The best part of the episode comes unexpectedly when Richard pisses Jared off to the point of no return. We’ve never seen Jared this angry and violent before, and I’m not all that surprised.

It was only a matter of time, and boy, was it glorious. Richard had it coming after he kept poking the bear so it was nice to see Jared finally defend himself after so many years of Silicon Valley.

Things get worse for Richard after he and Monica try to snag an investor to replace Colin. Along the way, they bump into Laurie who will soon be Pied Piper’s competitive rival. I’m not sure how that happened, but it was only a matter of time before she popped up again in their lives as a nuisance.


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But there’s someone rather interesting Richard meets at this meeting and I have to say, he is shady AF. The guy is Maximo Reyes and apparently he has billions of dollars to throw at whatever he pleases, which would be exactly what Richard needs to replace Colin. He’s willing to give $1 billion which is more than enough to even get a reluctant Monica on board.

In the world of Hooli things aren’t going well for Gavin either who is now basically Jeff Bezos’ lackey in this Silicon Valley world. Out of desperation, Gavin suggests that they relocate but his men will not allow for any such thing to happen. Poor Gavin–never thought I’d say that.

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Now, back to the Reyes/Richard debacle. As it turns out, Jared knew this guy was shady business and he never accepted any money from him in the past. Of course, Richard has gone ahead and screwed that up in one go. And now, it seems like he is at the mercy of this guy who is blackmailing Richard about Pied Piper’s data-mining secret unless he lets him in on the business.

Way to go, Richard. WAY TO GO. Jared would have never let this happen.

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