Silicon Valley season 6, episode 3 recap: Hooli Smokes!

Silicon Valley.. Season 6, Episode 1. Matt Ross. Photo: Ali Paige Goldstein
Silicon Valley.. Season 6, Episode 1. Matt Ross. Photo: Ali Paige Goldstein /

Pied Piper makes a bold move on this week’s episode of Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley gives us the strongest episode of this season this week! Yes, I’m serious–it was basically everything we would want from the series, a true culmination of everything it is about. The cast got equal time on screen, and better yet, they spent most of the scenes together, which is always a treat.

If you recall, Richard got himself into some trouble by bringing on kajillionaire Maximo Reyes into the fold. Once he realized that getting into business with Maximo is a mistake, Richard decides to walk away. Of course, this doesn’t bode well for him because Maximo decides to seek revenge in the worst way.

He poaches Colin and brings him on board with his efforts, along with Laurie whom he partners with for YaoNet. It’s a colossal mess and only gets worse because Maximo also buys Big Head’s dad’s and Laurie’s shares of Pied Piper making him a 30% owner.

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Basically, Richard has screwed himself royally, and everyone else along with it. The wound goes deeper than that when they all realize how much they stood to make from Maximo’s money.

As expected, Richard gets sick to his stomach and has his classic projectile vomit moment. We’ve seen Richard pissed off a lot on Silicon Valley, but this episode takes the cake.

As a last-ditch attempt, Richard still has one more trick up his sleeve, thanks to Gavin Belson. Yes, archnemesis Gavin, who doesn’t want to help Richard in any way. The idea here is that both Richard and Gavin are in crappy situations, as they often have been over the course of the series.

So in order to help each other out, Richard suggests that Pied Piper purchases Foxhole from Hooli. It would put them on the CFIUS list (which we learned about last week), and in turn, push Maximo to give up all his stake in the company.

It’s a pretty genius plan but Gavin is not on board. He simply can’t help Richard out, even if it means his own downfall. And he surely faces his own downfall after he buys out Jared’s protege, Gwart. It drops Hooli’s value so low that it makes it easy for Pied Piper to purchase them outright.

I don’t think Gavin saw that one coming, did he?

Side note: Jared is absolutely hilarious throughout the entire episode, as he keeps his sunglasses on so as to avoid Richard in any way possible. I sure am going to miss these guys!


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In order to acquire Hooli, it would require Richard and company to get signatures from all the Hooli investors before Gavin gets any hint of what they’re doing. Basically, Gavin has 2 hours to refuse the offer, but with some intricate planning, he’s busy with a triathlon and has no way to communicate. Until, of course, he cheats during the race and turns on his phone to find out what’s going on.

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Unfortunately, he doesn’t make it back in time and Hooli officially is bought out by Pied Piper. Who would have thunk it?! This is all made possible by Dinesh lying to his rich cousin, but hey, it worked out in the end–sort of.

After all this time and in a truly ironic twist, Richard is now the owner of a company that was the source of so much tension and anxiety for him. But hey, I’m happy to report that he and Jared found a way to mend their friendship, which is really all that matters.

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