Netflix’s The Spy episode 5 recap, explained: Fish Gotta Swim

Photo: The Spy.. Image Courtesy Axel Decis/Netflix
Photo: The Spy.. Image Courtesy Axel Decis/Netflix /

Welcome to Show Snob’s recap and explanation of Netflix’s The Spy episode five. Risk is intensifying for Eli in the penultimate feature.

At the beginning of the penultimate episode of The Spy, Eli throws a party. In fact, it’s more of an orgy. And, before the introduction credits, Amin seizes power in Syria by murdering the former-leader and his guards. Some military guests who leave Eli’s are also assassinated.

Next, operative 88 is ordered to keep tabs on a construction billionaire named Mohammad Bin Laden. Yes, he is Osama’s father.

Happily for Mossad, 88 has a job at the ministry of defense and access to all kinds of sensitive documents. He also sends his wife a nostalgic gift of a sewing machine.

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Then at a parliamentary gathering, Eli plays the sycophant in order to gain the trust of the new president – who’s been in power a year now. Bin Laden aims to do business with the former; a shipment heading to Split will be monitored by Mossad.

To maintain a normal facade, 88 has a girlfriend who is not privy to his true identity. She pushes for a marriage proposal, though he says nothing. Ma’zai, the nephew of the deposed general, goes to see Eli. One-time friend Ma’zai has been ignored by Eli of late and believes the latter knew beforehand of the coup. Consequence Ma’zai spits at Eli.

Subsequently, Eli finishes his relationship then trashes his apartment in a frustrated fit of rage at his situation as The Spy. Nadia writes a letter to her daughter pretending to be her husband, to please the little girl. While transmitting intelligence, Eli talks sport with his operator. However the interference to the television reception tips off government henchman Suidani that something is awry.

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Bin Laden is also suspicious of 88 and refuses a request for the latter to be involved with machinery shipping. Afterward, 88 is offered the position of deputy minister of defense for Syria – a remarkable achievement for a Jewish spy.

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