Light as a Feather season 2, episode 10 recap: …Trapped as a Rat


In episode 210 of Hulu’s Light as a Feather, Violet recovers from her acid burns but Mack and Henry are in danger of being buried alive!

Previously on Light as a Feather, the game began anew, and some dramatic events threatened to harm Violet (Haley Ramm), if not kill her. Specifically, someone rigged her shower up to shoot acid on her, which now has her in the hospital. While she’s there, Isaac (Brent Rivera) calls McKenna “Mack” Brady (Liana Liberato) to tell her that he’s been drawing a strange church, thanks to his unusual visions.

However, the conversation’s cut short when he gets stung by wasps! It’s very similar to what was described in their recent round of the game Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board. Meanwhile, Violet wakes up after having a strange dream about Lena Regan (Harley Graham). Apparently, though, Lena in a hospital and not very talkative.

Mack visits Sylvia Gallagher (Brea Bee), saying the game she told them to play in the doll factory didn’t seem to work, as she still carries the Chrysalis curse. Before long, Sylvia tases Mack, making her unconscious. While this is happening, Violet sees Mack’s mom, Deb (Robyn Lively), at the hospital. Because Deb is hostile to Violet, Violet pretends to be in pain to test her sympathies. Also, she steals Deb’s badge ID so she can meet Lena, who had been missing.

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It turns out that Mack is captured with Henry Richmond (Dylan Sprayberry), and Sylvia is responsible. In fact, Lena had escaped her wrath as well, although she doesn’t know Sylvia’s name. She does, however, say she escaped from a house with a red rocking chair and a star on the door. This is also where Mack and Henry are, stuck in a crate. Soon, someone rolls them around, hurting them. It’s Sylvia, who is trying to bury them alive as the game predicted!

Busting out

“Light as a Feather” hasn’t forgotten about Sammi (Katelyn Nacon) and Trey (Jordan Rodrigues). In so many words they talk about the future, including plans to ditch school and get out away from their previous cursed relationships. When Alex (Brianne Tju) and Peri (Adriyan Rae) enter the restaurant Sammi and Trey are in, Alex doubts the wisdom of their plan to move. Later, Violet meets Alex, shows off her acid burn, saying someone’s trying to kill her. She also says she has a lead on Henry, courtesy of Lena.

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With Alex’s help, they track Henry down, not knowing Mack is captured until Violet finds Mack’s earring. Fortunately, they manage to dig Henry and Mack out of the earth before they die from oxygen depletion. Mack states the obvious: Sylvia lied to them about the game saving them. In fact, they are now probably more cursed than ever.  Interestingly, the likely death of Isaac barely gets mentioned.   That’s the way the cookie crumbled, kid!

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