The Man in the High Castle season 4 episode 3 recap: The Box

Photo: The Man in the High Castle: Season 4.. Image Courtesy Liane Hentscher/Amazon Studios
Photo: The Man in the High Castle: Season 4.. Image Courtesy Liane Hentscher/Amazon Studios /

Juliana meets with alt-Smith hoping to learn how to fight the Smith in her universe on The Man in the High Castle. The BCR and Wyatt put their plans into action, while Kido struggles with his son’s PTSD.

After discovering that she’s being watched by the Reich, Juliana calls Russ and asks to borrow a gun on The Man in the High Castle. He’s understandably concerned and tells her he needs to know what’s wrong. When Juliana says she’s up against Nazis from another universe he takes it as a joke, as she knew he would. Despite her reluctance to tell him what she needs the gun for, he gives it to her anyway. Everyone in Juliana’s life wants to help, but there’s no way to involve them without first convincing them of the truth – and maybe she doesn’t want to.

Juliana furiously studies the I Ching for clues to understand Tagomi’s message. What isn’t complete? When Thomas comes in for his lesson, Juliana discovers that he’s thinking about joining the Marines. She tries to discourage him from enlisting, saying there are very few things worth dying for and even fewer worth killing for. Since he wants to enlist for the Vietnam War, I’m guessing her opinion is that it’s not a cause that’s worth it.

Juliana meets with alt-Smith to pick his brain, hoping to understand the Smith of her world better. Alt-Smith was in the army and good at his job. He could have kept advancing, but he didn’t like the things he had to do in war. If he had stayed, he felt like the job would have grown into him and changed him.

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When Juliana leaves, she is attacked by spies from the Reich on The Man in the High Castle. Alt-Smith saves her and tells her to run, but he dies in the process.

Despite orders, Kido continues his investigation into the Tagomi murder and discovers that Mingus Jones had an alibi. Predictably, General Yamori dismisses the evidence as forged and tells Kido to drop it. Very suspicious.

Kido skips the auction when the Yakuza boss Okami informs him that Toru has killed a man in his bar. The only reason Toru is still alive is because of his military uniform and the medal he wore. The Kinshi Kunsho medal is a very prestigious honor awarded only to war heroes. Toru’s PTSD caused an episode that made him attack and kill a man who worked for Okami.

Kido tries to be understanding, to reason with Toru that it’s all in the past, that it was war, that he did it for his country, but it doesn’t change his feelings. Kido, bound to duty above all, loses it when Toru accuses him of betraying his duty to his family. Kido throws him out and tells him he’s not his son.

Meanwhile, plans for the assassination at the auction are underway. Bell rallies the troops with a poem by Harlem Renaissance poet Claude McKay before they get in position to cover Wyatt. Wyatt and his men wait for the officials to arrive and for the most opportune moment to strike.

Because of the incident with his son, Kido misses the auction at which he was meant to be assassinated. But because of his absence, he also discovers that Wyatt is a member of the resistance and calls to warn security at the event. All hell breaks loose. They are able to assassinate their targets, but most of Wyatt’s crew dies in the escape. Bell’s crew is the only one from the BCR that stays behind to help them.

In the confusion, Childan hides in the back seat of one of the cars they drive back to their hideout. As usual, he sells out to avoid death. The BCR has bad information because they killed two ministers who were advocates for Japanese withdrawal from the Pacific States. Childan offers to send a message from them to the Crown Princess.

Helen comes back to the Reich to be with her family and learns that Himmler and his wife are coming for dinner the very next day. Smith not so subtly suggests that she doesn’t have to be there, probably worrying what she might say to the Fuhrer. But appearances are worth everything and if she doesn’t attend there will be questions.

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Both their feelings have changed for each other, so Smith says why pretend. Helen tells him that she’s not pretending. She will be attending the dinner not as his wife, but as his ally. And with Smith under scrutiny, he will need one.

Jennifer is angry that her mother came back, for giving up her freedom. Helen hopes that someday Jennifer will understand the choices she’s made and promises that someday she’ll help her escape.

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